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EFF TR-7 interceptor (renamed)

By Arvex
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A high speed, dual space and atmospheric fighter of the Federation. The TR-7 is a recent addition to their starfighter lineup and will be slowly phasing out the M-92a. Vanard, a relative newcomer to the starfighter industry, managed to impress Federation Navy officials with their compact, easy to maintain, interceptor.


Renamed because another ship I was designing seemed a closer match to the original design for the SL-3 I had in mind, but struggled to make work. It's kind of funny because I originally made this to be the TR-7, then switched its name to SL-3 to fill in that name because the design I had was falling short of my expectations.

Vanard Industrial TR-7 interceptor

    Length:    14 meters (space configuration)
    Width:    11.8 meters (space configuration)
    Height:    2.6 meters

    -2x Vanard Arms Type-8 blasters
    -2x missile/rocket bays (3 per bay, 6 total)

    -Shield generator
    -Warp drive
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Your design is really nice, on this one almost reminds me of a T47 Airspeeder mixed with a jet fighter of sorts. If it's made for space the wings map not be completely practical however if it is interplanetary it make a lot of sense. Its a really nice design though a bit flat, have you tried to ever texture your models, added skuffs metal abrasions, or even more subtle things like the direction of the metal being brushed or a sponsored decals, maybe even warnings? Also do you have a sketchfab by any chance, it be really cool to swing around this guy and see him animated even if it was just the glow of the jets and maybe a pulsing light. Keep up the cool stuff, I always like to see 3D models and concepts designs of sci-fi stuff as I'm terrible at getting it either on paper let alone in the 3D programs.
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The wings rotate. They turn all the way back for landing to lessen the space they take up in a hangar, they rotate out a little so they do not block the engines for space combat and open up the rest of the way for atmospheric flight. I might make a short animation to demonstrate it later.

As for the textures, I will get to them eventually. I am still fleshing out the model itself and will texture it once the mesh is done.