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EFF SL-3C 'Slicer' superiority fighter

By Arvex
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Originally designed as a fighter for the civilian and mercenary markets, the fighter gained the attention of several admirals of the Earth fleet and began dealings with the Mars-based Arcadia StarTech. The SL-3C or combat variant was introduced and put into mass production for Earth fleets to replace the under-performing Triton Technosystems Lancer Mark III. Though the Earth fleet originally wanted exclusive access to the SL-3 and pressured Arcadia StarTech to cease public sales of the fighters, they were not willing to pull an existing fighter from the civilian market without a suitable replacement.

Arcadia StarTech SL-3 Slicer
Military Loadout, known as the SL-3C

    Length:    10.85 meters
    Width:    12.57 meters
    Height:    7.52 meters

    3x Greniard K-20 pulse cannons
    6x Type-1 missiles (3 per bay)

    -Shield generator (standard)
    -Atmospheric flight package (optional, not seen on military variant)
    -Micro-warp drive (optional)


This one came out a bit more Star Wars-y than I had intended. It started with the wings and evolved from there. Still, I am satisfied with this design when compared to its predecessor and the first attempt at a successor which looked nothing like the original design I liked.
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