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EFF RD-T 'Ardent' Light bomber (Updated 1/11/21)

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Designed for the Federation Navy as a light bomber that was able to serve as a competent dogfighter. It competed with the more expensive HyperDynamics C-96 as the new bomber for the Federation Navy and was ultimately chosen, albeit with a few alterations to the design being requested by the Federation. The lack of landing gears meant that all carriers and hangars would need to be refit, something that would make the quick adoption of the RD-T far too costly. As such, the engineers added landing gears onto the bottom of the fighter. This is when other problems began to emerge. Because the compact landing gears did not offer enough ground clearance, working on the ship systems on the underside became a difficult task. Even swapping out the underside missile magazine proved difficult until hangars began to introduce a lifting crane that used the old docking clamp points to lift the fighter high enough to work on.

Lunar StarDrive RD-T 'Ardent' light bomber
    Earth Federation
    Length:    15.4 meters
    Width:    15.4 meters
    Height:    3.7 meters
    -Twin Greniard Armaments LiVo-2 pulse cannons
    -Two Type-1 light missile launchers (8 missiles each, 16 total)
    -Two torpedo bays (3 torpedoes each, 6 total)

Other Ordinance Pods:
    -Heavy Missile Launchers (10 missiles each, 20 total)
    -Shield generators equipped
    -Warp drive equipped
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I've been learning a lot about texturing and high poly modeling and I came across this and It instantly reminded me of your work.…