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Akaarti Watchers - Garrison-class carrier

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The drone collective are a bit of an enigma, even to their close allies. What is known of them is that they are all were originally the onboard repair systems for an ancient race's armada. They were designed to maintain the ships and continue their operation no matter what. Eventually, crews died off over the course of a war. The repair systems continued to maintain the ships. Soon, the armada had begun to automate itself to continue normal ship operation without a crew. What became of this ancient race is unknown, but their ships continue to fly through space as each ship of the drone collective is built around pieces of one of the ancient's original ships. It seems to be a remnant of their original programming that they cannot command or build a ship if it does not have a piece of their creator's ship as its base. The ships are very different from the original ship; because it does not have a living crew, the ships are stripped of life support systems and other crew-oriented facilities.

The Carrier is is one of the Collective's greatest war machines. While the ship's size is on par with dreadnaughts, it is able to field thousands of fighters which possess little value to the Collective as they are remotely piloted by the thousands of AIs carried aboard the ship. These ships are rarely seen, but when they are, it is because the Collective has deemed it necessary to completely erase a threat from the galaxy.

Length: 1305 meters
Width: 880 meters
Height: 212 meters

-16 Collective capital weapon arrays.
-Near limitless supply of fighters

Other equipment:
-Resource processing and production facilities
-Long range remote piloting arrays
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