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Adventurer-class heavy starfighter

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Originally designed as the C-96 light bomber for the Earth navy, this ship was passed up in favor of the Lunar Stardrive RD-T 'Ardent' due to the over-engineered design, high production costs and current business relations with Lunar Stardrive.

Not intent on giving up on the hull entirely, but seeing little market for a military-grade bomber, the fighter was redesigned. The torpedo hold was stripped out and replaced with small compartments that were converted into cabins. The ship was designed for freelancers and mercenaries who either traveled so often that they did not have a base of operations or needed a fighter that could be operated in shifts without needing to return to a carrier.

Shortly after it being introduced to the market, a transport variant was released, which replaced the beds in the cabins with seating for three people and room for personal gear. The transport variant looked identical on the outside, but could easily be used as a troop transport for smaller operations. Things had moved full circle when HyperDynamics had decided to reintroduce elements from the original bomber design into the Adventurer, creating a bomber variant which would forgo the cabins entirely and return to a torpedo bomber.

HyperDynamics Adventurer-class Heavy Starfighter

    Length:    20 meters
    Width:    20.7 meters
    Height:    4.4 meters

    2x Trogun BT-7 "Balljointer" Plasma cannons
    Integrated Type-A Missile launcher (4x2)
    Dorsal mounted Trogun HT-1 Turret
        Optional manned-operation seat folds into cieling

    Warp drive standard
    Two beds
    Passenger compartment (Replaces beds)
    Re-entry shield (Optional)
    Shield generator (Optional)
    Advanced sensor array (Optional)
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