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AC-1 Auxiliary fighter

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JeiTech AC-1 auxiliary fighter

    Length:    12.7 meters
    Width:    15.0 meters
    Height:    3.95 meters

    -2x RZArms XK-40 Beam Cannons
    -RZArms type-A missile launcher

    -Docking port above the cockpit
    -Electromagnetic landing pads on top of the ship

Where other auxiliary craft had to be carried inside of internal hangars, often taking cargo space, or were made to fit to a recess made specific to that model of starfighter, the AC-1 was designed as a "universal" auxiliary fighter, it was made to attach to an already existing standardized docking port. This presented an option for craft that were normally not designed with auxiliary craft in mind to take on an auxiliary craft by using a type-H docking port which most medium ships already had. The ship shares most of its design in common with the EC-3, a short range carrier based escort fighter, both of which are built on the Titan Space Engineering Corporation's XV platform with the exception of the cockpit area. This means the ship has a wide array of parts available due to the cross compatibility with other XV-platform based starfighters.

The fighter itself is nothing special, but it is considered to be cost effective when considering the lack of modification needed to an existing hull to accommodate these starfighters and the relative ease of replacement parts thanks to its common platform. It strikes an acceptable balance between durability, speed, maneuverability and firepower, but does not excel at any when faced against more specialized starfighters.
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