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Sabor VS Cougar [COMMISSION]


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More commission work! You guys have been incredible with your support lately, I'm blown away! There are so many artworks I will be posting over the next couple days!

Here is a scene commissioned by :iconrift09:, a cartoon-style scene with Sabor, the leopard from Tarzan, fighting a cougar! And if you feel that the poses are familiar, it's because they are! They are from my old pose reference that I posted here:  Pose Reference: Fighting Felines + DLC by ARVEN92
Except a little refined to match my current style :)

This was loads of fun to draw! I hope that you like how it came out! Moreover, what do you think about this simpler, cel shaded cartoon style? I don't do this often and I find it looks really neat! What do you guys think? :)

Art (c) :iconarven92:

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SuperSabre-Tooth's avatar

Sabor sure is a tough opponent.

TrottingPeryton's avatar
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I bet that cougar's the one from Homeward Bound, the one that tried to eat Shadow and Chance. but was See-Sawed into the water....

badasswaffle420's avatar

I was just about to comment that. The crossover fight of the century

PouassonDeOro's avatar

OH mon dieu tu as dessiné Sabor !!! Je suis tellement heureuse :love:


:eager:Can you tell me how you practice drawing the muscles and movements of animals? Their movements look really powerful and energetic !

AsizaWolf's avatar

Honestly... a big kudos to the people who had to animate Sabor. She's such a difficult character to draw and get right, I remember I was trying to draw her once and it took me 3 HOURS just to draw her head! So can you imagine how LONG it must have taken them? You did such a good job drawing her here, combining her design with your style! :love:

Megomelas's avatar

I love the dynamic poses and the cell shading looks really neat!

ZelonaDarr's avatar

I believe Sabor is a Jaguar? I dunno I could be wrong

edit: nope she’s a leopard. She’s just animated more like a Jaguar for some reason 🤷‍♀️

ARVEN92's avatar
I agree, for the longest time as a kid I always thought she was a jaguar O: but seeing as the story takes place in Africa, she is most definitely a (very chonky) leopard :)
ZelonaDarr's avatar

Haha yeah. It’s weird that they animated her like that

tbh she is one of my fav ‘villains’ by she kicks assssss

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Caitofalltrades's avatar

Hmmm I'm rootin for the cougar for this one XD

they are my favorite animal.

Also this is absolutely amazing-

Ladydragoncat's avatar

I agree! Sabor might have more stealth, but the cougar has more stamina. GO, COUGAR!!!

Caitofalltrades's avatar
VLLady's avatar

Omg noice *_*

NightstarWolf99's avatar

I wish someone would do this with Shere Khan and Sabor!

ZoraTheTwilightDrake's avatar

Sabor is spot-on.

Pun not (entirely) intended XD

rift09's avatar

trivia: the cougar's name is concolor

AnnaAnnulik's avatar
drawingkemeko's avatar reminds me of me and my brother

(I-I ")

CougarHearted's avatar

It's the ultimate clash of the feline titans!!! :dummy:

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