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Patreon Tutorial: The Importance Of Silhouette

Hey everyone!

Here is something a little different from me!
Back in August, I introduced new rewards for my Patreon tiers, and one of them was new tutorials every month, suggested by Patrons!
Here is the first of them, suggested by the lovely :icondragoness17: (RWyvern), which revolves around silhouettes!

This was so much fun to make and research, and I hope it is useful to you when creating more unique characters!

If this proves helpful, feel free to post the results in the comment section below! No credit required, I'm truly curious to see what you create with it!

And if this new type of reward tickles your fancy, be sure to check out my Patreon for more!


Tutorials are posted one week in advance on Patreon, and supporters get a chance to vote on the argument of the next tutorial, which is also dedicated to them! :heart:

Thanks so much for your support, you guys are the absolute best!

Wolf base used is (c) :iconwhlt3fang:

Commission me:   Arven's 2019 Commission Price Sheet by ARVEN92 

:iconpatreonplz:Support on PATREON!

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Nice to see this adressed, finally!

What many people who work with bases/templates tend to forget is that personality also shines through in the the pose and just the way that someone stands and presents themselves. This in itself can make characters with the same colour and fur type, come across as vastly different persons. It can be subtle but it's enough to get a feeling/impression of an individual and I always implement this in the reference sheets that I make.

Another interesting way to explore individual differences is through drawing your characters completely 'shaved' and without colour. You should still be able to tell them apart without fur/colour.

pinkykyra's avatar

Another valuable tutorial for my collection. ~

I'm kind of glad I saw this before I worked on revamping my wolf designs. I needed a "fresh" take on this technique. I had many old tutorials and tips that were okay, they got the message across (which is fine), but sometimes when you see more of your favorite artists doing these kinds of tutorials, it really inspires me to still do better and push my designs to my liking. That's just me, though.

Ladydragoncat's avatar

A brilliant example of taking classic Huey, Dewey and Louie, and re-booting them into Hubert, Dewford and Llewellyn.

Well done!

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this is quiet helpfull. thank you ever so kindly for the pointers :D
SheilaThane's avatar
Wow, grazie mille!! Ho sempre avuto questo problema con i miei personaggi, e difficile mantenere le diverse forme e caratteristiche avvolte :) (comunque sono SharitThane ma ho cambiato account! Quindi pardon se ti riempo la pagina di like 😂)
Dragoness17's avatar
This is excellent!!! So well researched and concise. This is the exact kind of stuff I stress over when it comes to character (and creature) portraits.

For those interested in looking further, I’d recommend looking at animation studios Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks (Kung Fu Panda uses distinct shapes in brilliant tandem with each character’s personality and martial arts style), as well as Aaron Blaise’s art. He actually worked on Disney animated films.
Dreamer-Dansk's avatar
This is a beautiful tutorial and I will definitely be keeping it in mind as I work on my own comic! Thank you so much for sharing <33 
CosmosDog's avatar
This really comes in handy!
rarkorn's avatar
to be fair, it is also a perfectly valid strategy to have them all look identical aside from eye color if you're purposely trying to give them the vibe of being indistinguishable and acting as a single unit (usually for the purpose of mischief or spookiness, i suppose)
alicesapphriehail's avatar
This is something I have been working on for a few months and after years of having same face/body syndrome I am having a huge struggle with it but it's fun experimenting. 
KatKatsu's avatar
wooow o.o this is really good !
i never thought of it that way O: 
i need to try that too with my characters x)
i always thought they look .... the same.. same body type etc. 
but this really helps :D thank you! 
LuckyKoneko's avatar
oh god, silhouettes are the bane of my existence. I'm currently working on a project of drawing multiple Kingdom Hearts characters as dragons and especially with certain characters, it's ridiculously difficult to make them recognizable yet still keep them looking similar to each other. I might need to try silhouetting them to get some new designs going because the details are just not doing it.
Magearon's avatar
I always have trouble maintaining a silhouette while also trying to keep the character's appearance closer to a wolf rather than a dog. I also have trouble with making characters looks good. Most of my attempts to make a character unique also makes them looks fairly ugly. Any tips for these things?
Wyvern-1's avatar
I have to say, green's my fav. And not just because it's my favorite color!

I like how this tutorial is structured, seriously. It explains What it is, Why it's important (that is, why you'd consider it) and How to use it. And it does so cleanly, concisely and informatively. Those are hallmarks of good writing, or at least I believe it to be so.
ChickenWing101's avatar

I agree with you! The pictures would make little sense without all the detail and thought she put into the descriptions!

ARVEN92's avatar
Very welcome! :)
Silver-R0se's avatar
This is going to be very useful in the future, thank you so much for doing this! ^^
ARVEN92's avatar
Very welcome! :)
Aatolva's avatar
Love this tutorial! Thank you so much! :)
ARVEN92's avatar
Very welcome! :)
Jose1106's avatar
Thank you for this tutorial, its fascinating what simple silhouettes can accomplish! I think Blue is my favorite lol
ARVEN92's avatar
Very welcome, they're such a powerful tool!
Haha same, I love the design xD
TheAlmightyFireHawk's avatar
Very informative! Can't wait for the next one!
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