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Patreon Tutorial: How To Draw Backgrounds

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hello hello, new Patreon Tutorial!

This tutorial was sponsored by kind Patreon supporters :iconluke-wolf-art: and :iconredwoldreaming::D (Big Grin) Thank you so much!

The topic for this month was how to draw backgrounds! In thins guide, I explain several ways to construct backgrounds, from perspective to framing, and how to use them to tell a story!

I hope you find this tutorial helpful!

If you do, feel free to post the results in the comment section below! No credit required, I'm truly curious to see what you create with it!


Skyscraper (three point perspective):…

Building (two point perspective):…

Arches (one point perspective):…

Skyscrapers (one point perspective):…

Living room:…

Atmospheric perspective 1:… 

Atmospheric perspective 2:…

Tutorial where I talk about golden ratio & rule of thirds:…

My friend who helped me with perspective!…

I upload monthly tutorials ONE MONTH in advance on Patreon!

The next tutorial is ALREADY Available! How to draw COMIC PAGES! Love


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Your suggestion has a chance to be featured in next month's tutorial, and it will have your name on it! Heart


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Painterqueen's avatar

Facinating!! Thank you for this!

I love buildings and point aspects and I am so thankful for your feedback so I can get the stuff right

Fenris0604's avatar

There was a typo on when you suggest to look at room references. I think it is the only one.

Either way, I find it helpful :)

Fenris0604's avatar

"Our better yet, Lok at your own room!" Just quoting.

Eeeviee's avatar

This is a great tutorial with a ton of insight! Thanks so much for posting!!

Fenrira-777's avatar

Thank you so much!

ZellButler's avatar

Aha, I missed my lesson on perspectives in College, what are the chances :D, this was quite helpful, thank you.!

Kairu-Hakubi's avatar

good stuff

but how are you supposed to know where the horizon line is? @_@

ARVEN92's avatar

Thank you! :D

You can find the horizon line by tracing the lines formed by various objects in perspective (buildings and other straight, man-made objects being the most obvious and easiest to use). The point where those lines intersect each other is called the vanishing point. From there, simply trace and horizontal line crossing the vanishing point and that will be your horizon line :)

Kairu-Hakubi's avatar

ohhh. thanks! I learned a thing.

darkdragon277's avatar

As somebody who never dose fancy background, This is Super useful<3

the way you explain it just put everything together. Thank you

Gradient-Wolf's avatar

I legit was trying to figure this out on a stream- thank goodness you posted

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