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July 23, 2020
Patreon Tutorial: How To Draw Animal Eyes by ARVEN92
Featured by JenFruzz
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Patreon Tutorial: How To Draw Animal Eyes

EDIT: GOODNESS GRACIOUS A DAILY DEVIATION!! I'm absolutely honored!! Thank you so much JenFruzz for the feature! :D

Previous tutorial:  Patreon Tutorial: How To Draw Paws by ARVEN92

Hello and welcome to a brand new Patreon tutorial! :D I will never stop saying just how grateful I am for your incredible support! We even managed to hit (and currently surpass!) the 100 Patreon milestone! THANK YOU so much <3 <3 

Like last  month's tutorial, this was sponsored by not one, but TWO super generous Patrons - Bethany and RedWolfDreaming! Thank you!

They both suggested I talk about how to draw eyes, so I went and did a lot of research on the subject!

I hope the material I provide is interesting, insightful and helpful :D Enjoy your read!


Cat's contracted pupils:… 

Cat's dilated pupils:… 

Human eye:… 







I hope you find this tutorial helpful!

If you do, feel free to post the results in the comment section below! No credit required, I'm truly curious to see what you create with it!

I upload monthly tutorials ONE WEEK in advance on Patreon!


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chaii11's avatar
Heheh Staring into space
0Luna123's avatar

I have this useful phrase but I don't remember where I got it from: "Eyes on the front, time to hunt. Eyes on the side, time to hide."

MviluUatusun's avatar

That was a bit of interesting information about the location of the eyes. I'd never even remotely thought about that until I saw it here.

Gurdim's avatar

eee mi sono reso conto che potevo anche scriverlo in italiano, dopo aver rivisto il tutorial una seconda volta e aver notato il bidone xD

Gurdim's avatar

beautiful, helpful and interesting :)

I heard somewhere that one reason why humans have so visible sclerae is that they facilitate non-verbal communication and guessing where the other person is looking at :D

TigerSakon's avatar

Another great tutorial ;)

Mouselemur's avatar

You are such a talented artist, your tutorials are great helps to many :D Love how detailed you get :aww:

Congrats on the very well deserved DD :clap:

Prairiesart's avatar

oh this helps! thank you

TeamPokemonSpain's avatar

Your tutorials are always so helping <3 thanks!

MutantPiratePrincess's avatar

Amazingly done! Congrats on the DD! :+fav:

ThePsych0naut's avatar

Thanks! I have an OC (Rune) in my fantasy saga 'Foresworn'. She has canine eyes, mono lidded with no eyebrows and a large iris, but I've never implemented that aspect of her aesthetic; this helps!

WatcherMagic's avatar

Lol, I saw this in my notifications and thought "haven't I seen that somewhere before?" congrats on the DD! You've earned it :D

Wolvesica's avatar

This is a great tutorial! I think it’ll be very helpful in making my feline eyes better, and I live the way you explained things

Nivryz's avatar

I've looked through a lot of eye tutorials and art tutorials in general. But this was probably the one that actually made things "click" in my mind. I love that you explained WHY certain things exist, and what artists should be thinking of, rather than just "this is how you make an eye"

KovoWolf's avatar

What a super helpful tutorial! :)

ARVEN92's avatar

Thanks so much! :D

KovoWolf's avatar

Congratulations on the daily Deviation

CougarHearted's avatar

Congrats on the DD, Arven!!! :glomp: :w00t:

ARVEN92's avatar

Aww thank you! <3

CougarHearted's avatar
GingerVRD's avatar

This is EXACTLY what I needed! I was talking about looking something like this up just a couple of days ago! Thank you sm!!

LindArtz's avatar

Excellent!! :clap: !!! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talents with us, and, a Big Congrats on your much deserved, DD!!

CiceronDixit's avatar
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