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Ayyy some Africa related silliness!
This was a quick sketch done for the Inktober challenge over on Tapas ( ), organized by the lovely :iconrabidchild42: !
It's cub Africa and her mama, Giza, enjoying some cuddles until... Poof!

I hope you enjoy this silly lil snippet :)

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MangoCat52's avatar
This is so cute! I wonder what happened to Giza
PouassonDeOro's avatar
Que c'est mignon :love:
AstarGoldenwing's avatar
Aww, little Africa is so cute! :love: It's such a sweet picture, too bad Africa's relationship with her mother couldn't have stayed so loving after she grew up.

Ah, I really love how you play with the shapes when it comes to the character design - Giza is all sharp angles and curving lines while Africa's design is definitely more rounded. ;P
onca-siegmar's avatar
When the little ones grow up, parents don't necessarily want that to be true. You have captured this fact beautifully.

Wenn die Kleinen Groß werden, möchte man das als Eltern nicht unbedingt wahr haben. Du hast diesen Umstand schön eingefangen.
R-FakonWolf's avatar
I wonder if she passed away already after Africa took over her territory....
To me she seems too old for a new start.
Or she's still alive and living some where else?
The-Papayas's avatar
Okay, so last night I dreamed that there was an Africa movie and it was really freaking good-? Like, SERIOUSLY GOOD. I was so mad when I woke up and realized it wasn’t real!
ARVEN92's avatar
Ahhh that was an epic dream haha! 😂😂
Now I'm really curious as to what it would have looked like xD
Watermelonthecat's avatar
The lion king scene where Simba's mother licks him
in a hilarious twist/in a nutshell
Painterlyphotobomer's avatar
This is so funny really like the expressions in the second scene 
garrus368's avatar
They grow so fast xD
Begin-the-Night's avatar
Their expressions are priceless.
YumeQueen's avatar
I think everyone does
Sanluris's avatar
Eat your carrots, kids! :heart:
Zeldienne's avatar
ZoraTheTwilightDrake's avatar
PatiLee's avatar
Babies grow so fast...
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