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[November Patreon Sketch Of The Month]

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Welcome back to Sketch of the Month, in which I post a poll on Patreon asking supporters to vote for their favorite among a the sketches that I drew for them, starring my characters. The sketch that wins gets turned into a colored illustration!

After this month's poll has ended, here is the winner for September's Sketch of The Month! 

This month's sketch winner was :iconbeetleboii:with their suggestions of Mosi and Binti being adorable together! <3 

This is so nostalgic, it already feels like so long ago since these two beans got to play together like normal cubs <3

Here you can see the original sketch requested by BeetleBoii:…

Also, like a couple months ago, this SOTM is missing its title! You now what that means, a new CAPTION CONTEST is coming up next month!

Meanwhile the current contest lets you win a gorgeous COYWOLF PRINT!  Reach [PATREON REWARD] by ARVEN92
Join the contest HERE to win it (Ends November 30th)! <3…

Sketch Of The Month is a monthly segment, so if you are interested, stay tuned on Patreon in order to vote for next month's featured sketch! YOUR request may get a colored illustration just like this :) (Smile)

Thank you so much for your support <3


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Hephaestus-Vulcan's avatar

This is soooo awessoooome!!!

garrus368's avatar
Humble-3's avatar

My heart... :cries:

Despite all, they are such cute furballs :heart:

AstarGoldenwing's avatar

Ah, this bittersweet feeling when you are just so happy to see Binti and Mosi being cute and adorable together, even though I know that they'll never play like this again... :aww: :o :(

Binti is just so cute there - I love how round her tummy is, and I didn't notice the paw-like marking on her chest before. ;)

badasswaffle420's avatar

Geez Arven, you sure love tugging our heartstrings, huh? :cries:

sultanorang's avatar

they eats wildcat in the wild.

Khorran's avatar
Aww how dare you draw these cuties when we’ll never see them again
Scarl3tPanda's avatar

I know in the description it says the idea was Binti and Mosi playing together but... I really hope this isn't a nod towards Mosi's death as well sad

Tephra76's avatar

Dang it, there goes my heart again...

Fatelef's avatar

im just... h o p i n g that the fact that Arven didn’t title the one of Binti two months ago is because she’s still alive... tell me if I’m wrong so I don’t get my hopes up :’)

iamSketchH's avatar

Yeah... it's best not to get your hopes up.

WatcherMagic's avatar

I'm pretty sure Binti's very, very dead, sad to say. :(

Hiddenfaithy's avatar

As cute as this is it also really hurts my heart

CougarHearted's avatar

Can I just pretend that the whole lions attacking these two was just one sick and elaborate prank that went WAY too far, that Binti is just feigning being dead and that these two will be romping and playing again like old times? =(

Jamisjon's avatar
AmiciArt's avatar

*cue uncontrollable sobbing

anonymous's avatar
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