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If It Weren't For Those Meddling Kids

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More early morning practices! And more Azarian Stories!
While I haven't gotten back into writing yet, I'm so happy to be able to at least approach this series again. Azarian Stories is my absolute favorite project, and I've got quite a few of these sketches/studies to post! <3

Meet Barnor the Azaroth bounty hunter!
He may appear like a brand new character, but he's actually been around for a while, he simply never got a formal introduction :)
In fact, here's an early sketch of him from a stream I did over a year ago!  01-15-17 Mixed media portraits by ARVEN92
(And if you're interested, here's the link to the full stream C:… )

His design has changed slightly since then, but his purpose has stayed essentially the same: he is a bounty hunter in Izruca, who was hired to capture Kagor the runaway.
And judging by his slightly pissed face, I'd say Kagor managed to escape his claws yet again XD
Yes, but who hired him? And what exactly did Kagor do to deserve all of this? 
That's a story for another day :D

For the time being, you can dust off Kagor's first adventure, "All That Glitters" by following the link below!

I hope you enjoy this piece :)

Instagram (2016) Icon I has an instagram! Come say hi!…

Character, species and art (c) :iconarven92: 
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Read All That Glitters:  A.S. All That Glitters -Pages 1 - 2 by ARVEN92
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I just have to say AMAZING details and lighting. This really is a stellar piece and you've come such a long ways since you've started drawing digitally too. Great work! Keep it up! :clap: :heart:
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Fluffy! Somehow, even a murderous bounty hunter who can bite you in half doesn't look so intimidating if he is so fluffy. :D By the way, I'm very excited for the new character - and for the new adventures of Kagor and Ravath! :la: :la:
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I'm in love witht he colors, so bright and beautiful!
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Awesome roar right here. B-)
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I need to study this <3 so wonderful
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I’d be living a dogs life. XD
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This is so amazing!
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this post made me stop scrollin'
Take a deep breath
And wow,

what a piecee!

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Hhh thank you! That's so kind of you!
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OH, and he would have gotten away with it too.
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L'effet de fourrure et de lumière sont absolument superbe :iconinloveplz:
J'ai encore du mal à croire que tu n'a eut ta tablette que récemment.
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Looks like Lassie on angel dust. :o
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 Shuddering Letter: FShuddering Letter: A Shuddering Letter: B Shuddering Letter: U Shuddering Letter: K Shuddering Letter: O Shuddering Letter: U Shuddering Letter: S:Exclamation point:  Intense!  
Pink Heart Icon Heart Shine PinkHeart Butterfly love by Nina1love1 
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The title made me think of Scooby-Doo, haha :XD:. It's an awesome piece :) :clap:.
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The level of comic relief of his opponent Kagor definitely makes for a very Scooby Doo setting XD
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I saw this in the popular feed and immediately recognised your style! something about it is very.. ARVEN! :D
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Omg this is in Popular?? :D aaaaa wtf I'm ecstatic! Thank you <3
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yes it is and it deserves to be ;p No problem!!
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I think we've found a bot. XD  bender dance 
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