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Chakra -B.O.T. Page 440

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We made it to 440 pages! Woo! And right on the mark, we introduce Ajna's purest form, and one of my favorite designs in the entire comic - Nijibi Ajna, simply referred to as Nijibi (虹尾).

This design has gone through so many changes since I first explored the concept over ten years ago! I'm truly happy with how it looks and operates. What do I mean? You'll find out shortly!


Caran d'Ache Supracolor Soft coloured Pencils on A4 Paper.
Several hours.
Characters and art (c) :iconarven92:


Special thanks to :iconsyruscoy: for the amazing support!


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I know how much it has to mean to Arven that we take notice of Nijibi on whose design, as she said, she'd been working well over a decade and all the motivation, the stubbornness, she sheer insistence of getting through all the way is still incredible to all of us who are met with this comic, regardless where we first began following it (as for me, that would be back when Inabe began explaining about the sword, around page 70). And it is, Arven, you deserve every prize in this world for making it all the way through without taking shortcuts with digital art or similar things. I can only imagine hours spent, colors wasted and pains in the hand nursed back to function.
You could have made this comic private, to remove it from deviantART and offer it only for the eyes of those who could offer profit, but you didn't. And I thank you for it from the bottom of my heart for deciding to leave this masterpiece for us mortals to enjoy. Not getting greedy has to be an aspect I appreciate the most in a human being. You are simply an inspiration.

Anyways, back to the original intention of this comment, I wanted to point out a particular detail on this panel, I have no doubt most of us won't pass without noticing, and that's Hielo's expression. That smile, it means so much more than we can see. It's joy and relief. Finally, since the day Flama died, Hielo can rest with the fact he won't be stabbed in the back. He's faced enough treason and false trust throughout the entirety of the comic to know that this is the right thing to do. Well done, Arven. So, so well done. I take my hat off for you.
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The absolutely best part of this page for me is how while the rest of the Chakra heroes are shocked and surprised, Hielo just smiles with tears in his eyes. :aww: His expression is just the best. :clap:

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SkyHighDiscoHobbyist General Artist
Also, may I have a guess, based on previous pages?

Led is white
Hielo is red
Kuma yellow
Cheetah orange
Motyl green
and Orca blue.

So that would make C.Y. purple?
Also, it's cute how Led's is on top of her head. :3
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ShadowDappledWolfHobbyist General Artist
I'm seeing a beautiful similarity to Amaterasu and Shiranui, wonderfully done!
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BlueYoukaiHobbyist General Artist
Not gonna lie, I'm having mixed feelings about Nijibi's design, but I'll wait and see how it operates .3. And her name means... "rainbow tails", yes?
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FeistyTadpoleHobbyist General Artist

I literally just got chills looking at this page. Nijibi looks magnificent!

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Attack-At-DawnHobbyist General Artist
ARVEN92 you should make a "Draw this in your style" challenge with Njibi!
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C.Y just turned into a power rangers megazord, thats litterally all i am thinking right now...

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DireDangerHobbyist Writer
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MaiasaLigerHobbyist General Artist

Hielo's expression is breaking my heart ;-; 💔

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HeLIZacopterHobbyist General Artist
So elegant! She has such lovely posture in that last panel!

Also.. um..

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SaphelleHobbyist Digital Artist
Ho perso il conto delle code
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SanlurisHobbyist General Artist
Ooooooh! It's Ho-Oh if he were a dog god! #250 Ho-oh Beautiful!
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I like the aura effects - Nijibi really looks like she's glowing. ^_^
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i look at nejibi and i think she looks like a Japanese fox demon or kitsune

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WatcherMagicHobbyist Traditional Artist

Heilo's smile is so heartwarming <3

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Nice if slightly plain design.

(And Hielo is definitely smiling.)
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VioletWhirlwindHobbyist General Artist
Oooh...pretty! :D
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xCosmicGhostxHobbyist Digital Artist
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SilverSheCatHobbyist General Artist
Nijibi looks.... really out of place. Like she got less detail or blending than everyone else. 
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ZeldienneHobbyist Digital Artist

Our sweet rainbow <3 she's lovely!

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