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"I protecc

I attacc

So WHYYYYY don't u love me bacc"

-Ashfur, probably

Bit of a personal painting, continuing my old Warrior Cats project! I hope you like this angsty fire boi!

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Character (c) Erin Hunter
Art (c) :iconarven92:
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© 2021 ARVEN92
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BrandiMurphi's avatar

Horribly sad, but beautifully done.

StarCrosst's avatar

The art is amazingly rendered: it looks fantastic!

But the snarky part of me just can't help thinking this is taking his name a wee bit too literally.

I'll blame the authors, not you. ; )

Wow. That art is the definition of beauty!!

AstarGoldenwing's avatar

That's an awesome rendition of Ashfur! :la: He may be not the most logical character, but he definitely suffered from his unrequited love, and you can see so much pain and emotion in his eyes. And that fire behind him is beyond magnificent! :clap:

ramenmantis's avatar

If it was intentional, I loved that Rory reference 😩

AFlameThatNeverDies's avatar

Very dramatic—I love the way the fire effects are painted.

Butternose's avatar

"Nooo! Ashfur!" Bluestar screams (just chose random)

"Good bye!!!!!!" Ashfur yells as he dies.

autumnsnowy's avatar
ohh! the emotions on his face are amazing !!!! I really love this art ........
starwarscrazy10's avatar
BillytheGoatDragon's avatar

o m g h o w a r e y o u s o g o o d

BetaEtaOwO's avatar

oh now my ashy boi is crying 🥺 (this looks really pretty btw)

AuroraSabertooth's avatar

Oh my god its brilliant! I need to learn how to do something as amazing as that! I love it fiercly! :D :)

His face screams "eeeaaaooo"
froggyfroggys's avatar
He looks liek he’s screaming in pain.. ima go cry now great art btw it’s very beautiful and detailed
atram95's avatar

Your draw is Magnificent!! Congratulation I love it!!

SyrusCoy's avatar

A cat's eyes reveal all.

jiwa298's avatar

Such a beautifully captured moment!! And look at the reflection on his eyes!!!!😍

shadowwolfginga's avatar

My god that's s is outstanding!!

Volchitsa-Loh's avatar

This is stunning!! I love that you can see Squirrelflight's reflection in his eyes!

BluuLeopard's avatar

Aww... The way you can capture all those emotions just by looking into the eyes... That's really touching~

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