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September 18, 2021
Ascend -Chapter 3 Page 47 by ARVEN92
Featured by DrZime
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Ascend -Chapter 3 Page 47


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Characters and story (c) :iconsyruscoy:
Art (c) :iconarven92:
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ZQJX-Hunter0's avatar


"Then we leave for Apan"


hbaf187's avatar

Fascinating; I must read this!

LindArtz's avatar

Nice work!!! :) Congrats on your DD!!! :clap:

For My Personal Use Only
ff6celes's avatar

I like the coloring with the pencils!

Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

Congratulations on getting featured 😊

Fennelfang's avatar

This is just appearing just appearing in my feed today. Hmmmmm. . . . strange.

SyrusCoy's avatar

It was featured as a Daily Deviation!

ZephyrusSkies's avatar

It was probably edited and the notify watchers button was selected :0

AlyssaMaiya's avatar

Same…I’ve already seen this why did it show up again lol

XxTheFoshyNozz's avatar

What is that weird thing on Inaris tail?

Drageline's avatar

Who's able to resist those eyes? XD

f14ace's avatar

"The sharp schedule I had planned..." No, Ralph. The snu-snu you had planned isn't gonna happen. XD

f14ace's avatar

"Noooooo! My evil plan must follow a very specific schedule!"

shalowhiiiiii's avatar

wrong!! his Evile plan >;D

Thystyn's avatar

Lol, Inari is really good at manipulating Ralph.

Gaaraluver23's avatar

He can't say no to that face!!!

Jedder77's avatar

Poor Ralph, trying to handle a schedule as fragile as the paper he wrote it on. I know his pain (not that Inari is a pain; quite the opposite).

XenomorphicDragon's avatar

Okay but..

That entrance tho xD

Just perfect LOL

Karmakat01's avatar



aqdrobert's avatar

Fluttershy's Cute Face Emoticon Icon Angel Bunny Applauds

Fluttershy: What do you mean, my timing is off, Angel?

TotallyNotaWolf's avatar

Kara stop being so attractive you're half snake and made of crayon, thanks.

superpower-pnut's avatar

technically, Caran d'Ache, but that's just splitting scales here lol

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