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Ascend -Chapter 1 Page 9


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Jeremiah displaying even more powers!

Characters and story (c) Syrus
Art (c) :iconarven92:
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LaGarzaEntertainment's avatar

I so love the cloud effect!

OddDoggo123's avatar

"My final message change da world, goodbye!"

golden1willow's avatar
I’m getting low-key friendly vibes from Jeremiah :,D
AstarGoldenwing's avatar

You know, Jeremiah, a simple 'thank you' would've been nice – you would've still been ranting if it weren't for Inari. ;) At least be a little bit more nice to the poor fox, from what I understand, she didn't have it easy either!  

AshWolf-Forever's avatar
Awesome. Very nice. :)
Hiddenfaithy's avatar
That slow fade was hella awesome
XSamuraiEdgeX's avatar
SkyHighDisco's avatar
Thanos' snap really works in all universes.
SolarSymphony's avatar
*when Thanos snaps his fingers.... RIP Jeremiah* All jokes aside I am loving these character's personality and designs, I do wonder how you can juggle 3 comics at once and not get burned out\ have your art drop in quality! Your art and comics are amazing Arven, I hope to one day support you on Patron when I have the money <3
MightyRaptor's avatar
Huh I never knew that Okami had brothers or sisters. lol
ChemicallyAbsolute's avatar
Can we get a gender on foxy
asteroids-edge's avatar
She's a girl I think!
MiDoFox96's avatar
I don't feel so good
YeenaDeena's avatar
The wolf is an asshole 
Midway2009's avatar
CougarHearted's avatar
Jeremiah sure is doing his best to make Inari feel useless AND helpless. But I have a feeling that our little kitsune friend here is going to rebel against his orders! XD
Butterflyhornet's avatar
Jeremiah's demeanor really, really annoys me (which is a good thing for storytelling, because he is realistic to people I've crossed paths with various times in my life). He strikes me as being incompetent but not willing to admit it or accept help. He's over his head, but still demands to be in control. I'd be irked if I were in the Kitsune's place. It seems to me, she is the one who can possibly help Ralph (I think that's the bunny's name, right?). The wolf, I get the feeling may be making things worse, but not realizing, seeing what he's doing.
brigetmiget's avatar
i feel for foxy gal i mena i can understand Jeremiah's thoughts might be in the right place but it would still tick me off someone telling me what to do like that. amazing work! 
RedWolf289's avatar
"A guest for your own protection" is a very polite way to say "prisoner", isn't it? ;)
BoundertheWolf's avatar
Pretty much, yeah.  
YumeQueen's avatar
Arven....i dont feel so good...
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