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Africa -Page 230

Character  AfricaCharacter  LeopardCharacter  HyenaLocation  Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

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Two hundred an thirty pages, wooooo!!

Both Africa and Saffy are exhausted... :C Time for Faida to tell a story.

Africa is now on WEBTOON!…


Caran d'Ache Supracolor Soft pencils on A4 paper. 
Several hours.
Characters and art (c) :iconarven92:


Special thanks to :iconsyruscoy: for the amazing support!


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I've fallen behind on checking my notifications so this comment is a bit late, but I absolutely love how the flashback starts on this page! The filter is perfect for letting us know that Faida is about to tell a story. I'm excited to comment on the pages you've released since this one too!

What did Chuli do?

AbsborTheCat's avatar

So the plump lion is going to listen to all of this? I wonder what kind of action he's going to do. Can't wait for the flash back. ^^

oppaye's avatar

Yes! Flashback! We gonna get to know what happen and safari is safe, thanks, the good boy is safe

BlueYoukai's avatar

Flashback time! superw00tplz

Jedder77's avatar

Yay! Explanations!

Poor Baba Bes. XD

MistingWolf's avatar


madnessfoxywolf's avatar

Faida saved the day but now here comes the sadness

iamSketchH's avatar

lol, I'm sorry. The lions are a little dim, but absolutely adorable. Well, some more than others. That one lioness seems really mean...

United-Minds's avatar

I love how you've made the lions the total idiots XD

madugoees's avatar

Poor Africa, she's exausted

shaunatheboss's avatar

Yay! Now we get the Faida flashback. She looks cute as a teen/young adult?

We get to learn how 'the jinx' ruined everything.

I wonder if Bes will listen to this since he's stuck up there. (Doubt it)

I think Faida knows who really killed Sabra.

MadeWithLove8's avatar

Those last two panels are just perfect! I love the mirrored pose Faida has and how everything went kind of brown like an old sepia photograph... perfect for a flashback in a blink of an eye!

Altraion100's avatar
rnbwtrout's avatar

yessss hyena flashback!!

Tsunami13661's avatar

God, I love your art!

Likopinina's avatar
Sabi-Arts's avatar

Can't blame the lions for hating Chui, I mean who wouldn't hate him

But could the lions please open their nose and eyes and realize Afrika is not Chui

TeamPokemonSpain's avatar

F Sabra

Btw... baby Faida <3

Iovena's avatar

Ooh, Faida takes a trip down memory lane into her past! Also, Africa is finally showing gratitude. That's a nice change of heart, even if it comes with those grim circumstances. Poor Safari looks bad...

AnimeFan4Eternity23's avatar

Hmm, I have a feeling that Africa keeping the fact that she was responsible for Sabra's death to herself may come back to bite her later... >.> But at least she's still alive, and hopefully Safari will be okay too. And hopefully, someone will care for Sabra's son, the poor little guy is innocent in all of this. ;n;

SeventhBard's avatar

Africa must have a REAL generic face if she looks like Dada AND Chui...

CanineCrossover's avatar

Awh, young Faida! <3

Darkness-Ridge's avatar

safari, please be okay

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