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Africa -Page 225

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Last chance.

Africa is now on WEBTOON!…


Caran d'Ache Supracolor Soft pencils on A4 paper. 
Several hours.
Characters and art (c) :iconarven92:


Special thanks to :iconsyruscoy: for the amazing support!


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Oof, this is intense! 0.0 Getting too close!

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Aww Safari...

Poor boy doesn't have much of a chance against lionesses, esp if Baba Bes decides to get up. Cheetahs sacrificed basically everything in their evolution for speed- including any sturdiness and bulk. There's a reason they're not very confrontational towards other animals...

Won't take a lot from lionesses to mess him up :( I just hope he makes a difference and doesn't throw himself in there for nothing. Maybe he'll surprise/distract them long enough for Africa to get away or help to arrive..

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I really hope when the lions see Safari they will go "Wait there is more than ONE leopard??" And just yeet themselves out of there

And I swear to gosh if they go "There are two Chui's!" I'll go over there and strangle that leader myself

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*Caught up the entire comic in one day after it being recommended by Nala15*

Holy heck what a roller-coaster.. Hope to see the next pages soon!

This story is so amazing!!

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*sees page*

*Sees how these dumb cats think it's Chui*

*Mini vent mode on*

Really?! These idiots Still think Africa is Chui?! What has to happen to prove Africa Isn't him?! Flash herself at them?! I'm sure they all know that Chui is a bloody male and what feline parts look like?!

What about Smell?! Don't they know his scent?! No way they're This Stupid...

*mini vent mode Off*


Okay....SO awesome page as always but these cats are so damn stupid i hate them for it. I feel for Safari and what'll happen next most likely....

Can't wait for more honestly ^ ^

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They actually do know it's not Chui. But the lead lioness doesn't want to admit she made a mistake in identification and wants to impress Bes by killing Chui besides, so is insisting that Africa is Chui. The other lionesses have been cowed into not contradicting her.

Fangx-ShadoWolf's avatar

Pfft that lioness needs to learn some humility. Mistakes happen after all and Bes is a big dumb chuck butt so i doubt he'll care XD

Imagine their response if Chui ever came around there again and they killed Africa so they be, Time to admit that mistake now McBitchy fat head leader? 0.0

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Cry forever At least he'll go down as a hero

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Safari, you can do it!

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I have a feeling Sabra's gonna die whether accidentally (there are a lot of spotted cats in this scene) or on purpose. Doesn't matter that she lead Africa to the lions, she's a predator, another competition for food.

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Servals don't actually occupy the same niche or hunt the same things as lions or leopards do. They only really hunt rodents and birds. They may get an antelope calf if they're lucky, but they(and caracals) aren't really competition for lions. That's probably the only reason they wanted to work with her in the first place. She's no threat to them, after all.

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After seeing the next page on Patreon, all I have to say is this: Please die soon, Sabra. It can't happen soon enough. May you end up in the Home For Infinite Losers.

ARVEN92's avatar

Rofl Sabra did a no-no xD

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Let's just say that if she hadn't crossed the "Moral Event Horizon" already by selling out Africa's cubs, she certainly skipped happily across it humming a merry tune in the next page.

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This is fucking golden. :rofl:

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I…I don’t think Safari’s going to make it, unless something drastic suddenly happens (like the crater erupting or Faida and her hyena pack just happening to be in the area arriving to clap the lions) his chances of survival are marginal. But somehow I get the feeling Africa will make it, since she’s the main character and it’s only halfway through the story; however it is pretty likely that she will be badly injured from this and have to recover - possibly finally having to accept Faida’s help to survive? And it’s been implied in the past that she will adopt Mondo but I don’t know how that will go about. Dunno, my mind has this crazy fantasy of Africa avenging her cubs and (with the help of hyenas) making the lions regret hurting her so much. But that’s unrealistic and technically no character is in the right nor wrong, it’s nature, we’ve just been conditioned to fully support Africa - in spite of her mistakes and harm to others - simply because she’s the protagonist. Genius comic and storytelling. 👍🏼

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DeviantArt won’t let me edit my original comment (thanks Eclipse -_-), but I meant to include Sabra with the lions being made to regret her actions in that unrealistic fantasy

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those lions must really be dumb if they can't tell the difference between a male and female leopard lmao

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He's not gonna get out of this alive, is he ;-;

If you kill Safari...

Beautiful page as always!

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You are such a good storyteller, I am so invested in all these characters and I know whatever comes next I am going to be devastated lol. Also someone PLEASE eat Sabra that little creep!!

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Then RUN like a cheetah!

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If Safari doesn't make it out I will be. very. upset.

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