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Did you know that Africa turns 8 years old this July?

This exact moment was eight years in the making. Man have I been waiting for this part of the story.

Also, that parallel with page 3 though!  Africa -Page 3 by ARVEN92

Africa is now on WEBTOON!…


Caran d'Ache Supracolor Soft pencils on A4 paper. 
Several hours.
Characters and art (c) :iconarven92:


Special thanks to :iconsyruscoy: for the amazing support!


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AstarGoldenwing's avatar

Oh, poor Giza! :o She doesn't look like she's doing well. Then again, she already was getting old when she had Africa, and the years after losing her territory couldn't have been good to her... :(

But what surprises me way more than Giza's appearance is the fact that the elephant called her a friend - and that considering how adamant Giza had been that different species shouldn't mix! I guess that when death comes this close, one would long for companionship... :shrug:

MOONWATCHER404's avatar

God DAMN Giza looks roughed up.

Queenofdragons2's avatar

Is that elephant's broken tusk infected?

TheCelticSoul54's avatar

Wait, that's Giza!!??

xCosmicGhostx's avatar

Jeezus what happened to Giza?! What kinda life is a leopard worth if it amounts to that in the end..?

PhoenixKZ's avatar

Why do I feel bad for this bag o' fleas???

XSamuraiEdgeX's avatar

i thought the elephant was talking to the butterfly.

and maaan, Giza, you don't look good, gurl! my bathroom carpet looks in a better shape than this like damn!!

Celebrati0ns's avatar

Hol' up, you have a bathroom carpet?

XSamuraiEdgeX's avatar

yeah and i frankly think it's a shitty idea but nobody listens

AFlameThatNeverDies's avatar

Poor Giza looks so ragged. Wow.

SparrowWrightheart's avatar

Interesting the elephant called Giza "My friend" when Giza was so adamant about leopards not having prey as friends, or any friends at all. Though I'm not sure an elephant could be considered prey.

CyberWolf09's avatar

Damn, Giza ain't lookin' too good, she's definitely on her last legs at this point, her fur's all mangled and missing in areas, she looks like she hasn't eaten in days, she's a shell of her former self, poor girl.

Michign44's avatar

Holy cheese, we haven't seen Giza in many days-

She looks a bit...I think she is getting old-

No offense Giza-

But you don't look very good-

Woodswallow's avatar


Damn, what an entrance! This is so incredibly emotional, I have a lump in my throat... This is so lively told and has such a cinematic style - god I love your work! I'm waiting for the day this comic is finished and I can finally buy a complete copy of this masterpiece <3

CreaturemasterProds's avatar

Given how Africa's mom discouraged peaceful interaction with different species, I wonder how her relationship with this ancient, one-tusked elephant came to be. We all know in all seriousness that a leopard is simply no match for a elephant - even lions aren't willing to incur the wrath of the world's largest land animal unless desperate.

Is it a one-sided relationship on the elephant's part? Does he act as a keeper of Gorigor Swamp, using his species' long life span to offer any animal that comes to him on their death bed a final story and companionship in their final hours? Is this all but sheer coincidence? Or is there more going on?

These are probably the most questions I've ever had since I first began to read this web comic. And to think, it was all because of an elephant telling a story to someone who may not even care or be listening in the first place.

SagwaX89's avatar

This may be my favorite page yet! I love elephants and you drew this one so beautifully!!!❤Can't wait to see more!

silver-birch-juice's avatar


This was so powerful... It literally brought back my memories of reading the beginning of Africa years ago when I was still in high school... it's just so nostalgic ;-;

NINADOR's avatar


I didn't expect that.

MrGheesfellow's avatar

Her road didn't lead her to warm sands.

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