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Africa -Page 195

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I have added the link to the next page in the description!
The next page is available on Patreon for the first week, and will be available here on DA Wednesday November 4th!

We see a familiar face... not in the best of shapes :(

Africa is now on WEBTOON!…

I am in the process of reuploading all the pages there, and I hope you hop on along on nostalgia train for a good ol' re-read! :D (Big Grin)


Caran d'Ache Supracolor Soft pencils on A4 paper. 
Several hours.
Characters and art (c) :iconarven92:


Special thanks to :iconsyruscoy: for the amazing support!


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e la 4 volta che mi sto rileggendo il tuo fumetto mentre aspetto di prenderlo cartaceo ;-;

e da questa pagina ho la speranza che mosi ritorni un giorno ;-; adoravo quel cucciolo

Dryft-Art's avatar

LIVE MOSI LIVE *sobs* I love you too much to see you die

Prairiesart's avatar

I was re- reading this comic and this page really breaks my heart

Shark---Bait's avatar

I see people are saying it's Faida, but I don't think so.

See, hyenas are never known to use claws in combat; they use their fangs.

And a hyenas bite is stronger then a pit bulls.

And she said so herself, if it were her; there would be nothing left of the cubs.

Hyenas are scavengers and they eat meat and bones.

I honestly believe it's the lions.

Lions and hyenas are sworn enemies and lions are unpredictable, they wonder in other territories thinking they own everything. And they tried desperately to kill Africa and her cubs.

Yeah Faida knew of the cubs location and possibly of the lions

But lions are unpredictable and so is life.

I hate it for Africa and her babies for going through such torment.

Bintis death hit me hard.. and I'm happy the lions hadn't finished Mosi off.

I hope she finds him soon.

One correction: Hyenas aren't scavengers, they're very active hunters and lions scavenge more than hyenas do.

Otherwise, completely right, Hyenas don't leave anything behind if they can help it.

Scarl3tPanda's avatar

I completely agree, there are two crucial facts that just don't add up with Faida being involved, or at least the killer. If she was, then...

1. Why was Badru completely clueless? If he was in on it, there would be no need to pretend while Africa's no longer there to hear him.

And 2. Even if Faida managed to clean any remaining blood from her fur/claws, the smell would be very strong and continue to linger, being a dead giveaway. Of course this is just a theory, I'm dubious of Lions but I highly doubt that the murderer was Faida either.

Shark---Bait's avatar

It has dawned on me tho... it could be the lions but those claw marks on bintis throat and on Mosi are quite small; could it possibly be the servals doing?

She seemed pretty sus the next few pages before the comic went on a break 🤔

Cause she was listening on what Faida had to say when her and a fellow hyena member was walking to the cliff.

The serval was not quite fond of Africa; especially with her booting her out of her land.

She could have done it. o.o

ZoraTheTwilightDrake's avatar

I'm not sure a serval is strong enough to kill leopard cubs this size though, and it's typically not something small cats do to bigger cats' cubs.

It is a strange crime scene though.

Shark---Bait's avatar

I mean you have a point.

But those claw marks are way too small to be a lions.

But predators are predators, servals can infact kill someone else's cubs.

Maybe Safari didn't do it, but she is definitely behind it because she is very suspicious right now.

I guess we will find out whom is actually behind Bintis death and Mosi' injury

ZoraTheTwilightDrake's avatar

Oh, I don't think Safari did it either. He seemed nice to the cubs, and cheetahs are unlikely to kill cubs of other big cats, and males haven't even been documented to have killed cheetah cubs.

I'm fairly certain it's another leopard that killed Binti, since, yes, the pawprints are too small for lions, but also too big for servals or caracals.

We'll just have to wait and see.

Shark---Bait's avatar

Did I say safari ? I meant the servals name , whatever it was hhhh oops. Anyways we will find out who did it later on in the story

ZoraTheTwilightDrake's avatar

Sabra XD

I did think you might have meant Sabra, but I decided to talk about cheetahs anyway. XD

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Scarl3tPanda's avatar

Yeah see I just noticed something on the page where they notice the "Lion paw prints". It's kind of weird that the claw marks look like they've been dragged, and yet the paw prints are obviously stationary? Not sure if it's just me being silly and knowing nothing about animal prints but that just seemed unusual to me. Maybe they were planted? Faida does quickly skip over Africa's accusation of her ratting the cub's position out to the Lions.

Danalii's avatar

I imagine this has been traumatic event for poor Mosi. Hopefully bit by bit he'll slowly start regaining some sense of normalcy

PerpetualTwilight21's avatar

Damn, poor Mosi! :ohnoes: Scratched and trembling all over, ears almost gone, and missing an eye. :( He'll be lucky to make it through the night if Africa doesn't find him. Even if she does, he could easily lose too much blood and never recover from the ensuing weakness and possible infections.

If he does recover, he's definitely going to be dependent on others for a while...probably the rest of his life. I know one-eyed predators can survive on their own, but usually only under ideal or near-ideal conditions when there is plenty of food and not an excessive amount of danger. It's a handicap, and having essentially no ears is going to be a handicap too, because while his hearing might remain intact the fleshy parts of ears play a big role in amplifying sounds and helping their owner to pinpoint the direction sounds are coming from. As for the lacerations on Mosi's legs...depending on how deep they are we could be looking at some lifelong weakness/tenderness in those muscles, impairing his ability to run, jump, climb, and hunt normally.

I'm hoping for the best,'s not looking good for the poor little guy. Maybe this is the catalyst that drives Africa to join the hyena clan? As shady as Faida is right now it's probably his best chance for survival ( short of kind humans finding him, of course ).

DaniBeez's avatar

Canines and hyenas don't use their claws to attack or scratch. I think this was a cat's doing!

PerpetualTwilight21's avatar

It was. It was confirmed to be lions a few pages ago.

Africa -Page 192
Patilion's avatar

My heart can't take it :crying: my baby!!! Pleeeeesssss answer the call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FreezeKonyflux's avatar

I could be Faida who's still a bit suspucious, or the wild dogs. No way it has been the lions

XfangheartX's avatar

...I just looks like Mosi lost an eye. :(

fastenjaw's avatar

So I've been thinking about this for some time. And I think Africa may be right to be suspicious about Faida.

As much as I hate to think of yet another hyena as a villain, she may very well be one. Faida looks to be the only one who knew of the cubs whereabouts. She followed them and insisted that Africa stay in a dead tree that Sabra had sired her cub in. She also seems to welcome any animal into her protected sanctuary. Something that is highly unusual.

Also the animals in the area seem to be.. off... to a degree. The lions and Safari are good examples of this. Its like they drank too much polluted water or something. Sabra (who I am pretty sure is clean here) said "kitten" suggesting she may have lost some shortly after giving birth. If the world is ending, it makes little sense to share all your food and water with strangers.

If my suspicions are right and man is there testing animals, then its due to pollution. And Faida needs extra subjects to test polluted waters/ contaminated food on to assure her own pack's safety. Safari lost his sanity over these tests and Sabra lost kittens. What else could it be?

Faida seems smart enough to draw lions to wherever she wants. And Bibi is out of the picture as a possibility. I'd very much like to know what she sees as "the end of the world" and why grouping up is the answer.

World-of-Fayrix's avatar

Oh my god it's an awesome theory, I frequently forget about the human influence in the comic o_o

Chepseh's avatar

"Felidae" claps in the back :rose:

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