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Africa -Page 193

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I saw many theories roaming about the last two pages, but only a few readers asked a very curious question - if Binti was killed inside the tree, why are the lions' scratch marks outside?

Enjoy the page!

Also, I have made the PSD file of this page available on Patreon for the Servalion Society ($10 patron) tier and above!

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I generally never upload PSD of pages anywhere, so I hope you enjoy this exclusive peek behind the scenes on how the pages are constructed and edited!

Let me know if you'd like this to become a recurrent reward, and stay tuned for even more new Patreon rewards coming in the near future!! :D


Caran d'Ache Supracolor Soft pencils on A4 paper. 
Several hours.
Characters and art (c) :iconarven92:


Special thanks to :iconsyruscoy: for the amazing support!


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Noooo!!! Why did they have to kill her!!! :‘c She was still tiny!! She was innocent!! Nooo! I really hope Mosi is okay!!

Megomelas's avatar

After catching up with the past couple of pages of this comic, I absolutely love how the characters and story are developing so far! I can't wait to see more!!

VelvetPersona's avatar

I don't think Faida herself snitched the location of Africa's cubs, but someone in her group did. And I'm thinking maybe Sabra did it. She's the only one we've seen who was openly hostile to Africa and probably either wanted to drive home what a terrible mother she was or to get back at her for banishing her. She lost a few of her cubs and maybe wanted Africa to suffer the same. idk, but this is one of my favorite stories on this site, so bravo! :D :clap:

Also, I think the whole end of the world thing has to be related to human intervention or something along the lines of it. Given that Chuli has a wildlife preservation collar on him and how everyone say's he's bad luck, must have something to do with it.


RIP Binti. You will be missed. :(

Muertos's avatar

if Faida wanted to kill them she wouldnt have saved them to begin with ...she also could have torn apart that other pregnant mother ..that would have been an easy meal .

unholyghost842's avatar
The lion scratches are all outside the tree so either Bindi walked out to them- got mauled and ran back in to die or something smaller got in and killed her.

Which my money is on because those scratches are very small- a lion probably would have tore a lot more skin

So a smaller cat like predator knew about the tree and got in to kill her and Probably looked a bit like a leopard if she mistook it for her father.

Jeez I wonder who fits the bill for That?
LiveLongButLOL's avatar

I have a feeling that Africa is right thought, he led them to the cub.

Kyeronn's avatar
Please help Africa find him. I'm sure she'll help you if you help her.
RowanFiretamer's avatar

"If it had been me, there would have been no piece left"

- Faida, a page ago

I'm suspicious and concerned for the son.

aqdrobert's avatar

Haida Nod Officer Clawhauser - Icon

Why blame the hyena?

Nicooriia's avatar

I'm thinking it was the smaller cat, or the crazy leopard (cheetah?) that snitched the location of the cubs, whether intentionally or not.

LunaSheWolf's avatar

i don't doubt someone snitched, as the lions aren't too sharp

Earthsong9405's avatar

I rarely comment but I've been an avid follower of this comic for a long while and jesus christ I love it so much. Your means of storytelling and weaving in mystery is amazing and you're a master at conveying emotion, especially for animals who can't physically cry or express themselves the same way humans do. Not to mention the gorgeous artwork!

As for theories, I'll probably say something that's already been said but I honestly don't think Faida had anything to do with this. What would she gain out of telling the lions their location? Especially after she told Africa it was safe, only for the lions to show up and torment her? If anything I'd say that further drive what little trust she has toward Faida into the ground, almost exactly as being displayed here.

And with the way Faida reacted in the past regarding the lions she wouldn't even think to try. Even if she had, I honestly have a hard time believing so much effort would be put into recruiting one leopard and her cubs, especially with the added danger of one of said cubs coming up dead if she wanted all of them.

The only thing I can think of Faida getting out of this if she did set them up is the lion pride, not Africa and cubs. Pointing them in the direction of who the lions perceive to be "Chui" could be a good bargaining chip to finally make them join the hyenas, but then again, she wouldn't offer Africa a spot if that were the case. Hmmmm...

I'm under the assumption that the lions ran across the tree entirely by accident; maybe out hunting or cruising by, but Binti leaving the tree was more than enough to clue them in on where they were. I also assume Binti died in the tree and not out because she crawled her way back in; with Mosi gone I 100% believe he threw himself at the lions as bait to try to lead them away from his sister and give her a chance, but it was simply too late :C

As for how she came across Binti the same time Africa did, I believe she just followed her own advice: look to the buzzards. They always lead to the next meal. Only difference here is Faida probably recognized where the buzzards were going and rushed to try to save the family, but turned up too late.

I dunno! I just love how though-provoking your story is. Can't wait for the next page, and thank you for sharing! :3

The-Huntress-20's avatar

This kinda reminds me of the behavior she might display to a male leopard trying to convince her to be his partner. She’s unwilling to submit as long as her cubs are alive.

Celebrati0ns's avatar

I love the level of detail with the up-kicked dust n the last panel

DAMN. She cannot get a brake.

BlueYoukai's avatar

The lack of pupils makes Africa look even more fierce on the second panel, like holy carp, I would shit my pants if she was baring her fangs at me. :'D

rnbwtrout's avatar

but like, what if mosi did it

KissKiller's avatar
VLLady's avatar

I'm wondering what doom she means, actually.

silversanta's avatar

I like Faida and want to trust her, but at the same time I find it kind of suspicious she avoided Africa's accusation there and changed the subject. Please don't be secretly a bad guy, Faida, we have enough evil manipulators with Chui and Kafil already, lol.

I wonder if someone *did* snitch their location to the lions though, and if so, who could it have been? What if some of Faida's followers did it (without her knowing) due to not liking how Africa talked to their leader? Hmm, be interesting to see just what happened and how Mosi got away!

Emberguard's avatar

Faida already provided the only evidence there is. If Africa doesn't accept what's already been given to her then she won't accept anything else Faida says. This is simply the wrong hill to die on (so to speak) so Faida changed the topic. If she kept pushing that direction it'd only get into a heated debate that goes nowhere, proves nothing and ends in a lot of hurt feelings. It's wise not to continue it when the other side (Africa) isn't remotely willing to listen and will twist everything provided into a set narrative that whoever she finds (Faida) must be the guilty party

marcioo9's avatar

She's too patient with her bullsh@t

ChatLunatique's avatar

If I were a hyena matriarch who had lost cubs to lions, getting accused of being in league with those same lions by some displaced leopard wandering on my territory.., I doubt I would be half as compassionate as Faida is being.

I agree Africa needs to find Mosi before anything else, but, hard as it may be for her, I think she should set aside her "Leopards walk alone" instinct. A clan of hyenas could be a real asset for her now.

I suspect, if there was a "snitch", it was Sabra.

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