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Africa -Page 192

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"Faida, do you think you could share a few words to console Africa, a grieving mother?"
Faida: "No worries bro I got this."


Caran d'Ache Supracolor Soft pencils on A4 paper. 
Several hours.
Characters and art (c) :iconarven92:


Special thanks to :iconsyruscoy: for the amazing support!


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See I wanted to give this page a second look. Why, if the paw prints are stationary, do they have elongated claw marks? Am I just stupid and missing something here? Surely if they were running the paw prints would be less perfect?

cakacupes5's avatar

Looks more like details in the sand from something previous, unless that was from one of them chasing Mosi out.

JenOfAllTradesFanart's avatar

Why do I feel like Faida's pups were killed by Bubu's Pride?

Mormegile's avatar

I like how Africa is licking herself after missing her shot in the 3rd panel. Just like my cat when he fails a jump or something alike :D

I’m going to say I’m not surprised about Binti dying even though it’s sad. Binti had an unnatural and unhealthy behaviour of being stubborn, a little too curious and adventurous which would have led up to this. Sure those three are what helps a cub to grow but unlike her brother who had the necessary precaution senses Binti did not. Which was sad because she was a cute baby and reminded me of baby Africa. I was actually hoping that the author would let Binti experience something that would break her out of such a dangerous habit. But life isn’t fair.
FibbiBee's avatar

Where is Mosi? Is he dead of alive?

BUGHS-22's avatar

Shredinger's Cub right now :(

MidnightFox78's avatar

Is it me or can Africa not fight for shit? 😆

Haha yeah 😂 It most certainly ain’t her strong suit.

AstarGoldenwing's avatar

Darn, Faida looks seriously scary in the rare moments she actually bares her teeth! :O And Badru is making such sad puppy eyes in the last panel that I just can't. :P Faida's mournful expression makes me think that she had also lost pups to the lions, though it maybe that she's just upset by Binti's death as well. :(

There's something else I've been thinking about. Africa had found Binti's body inside their hollow tree shelter, but it doesn't seem like a place that would be easily accessible to lions (though I guess that the youngest lionesses could climb it as Africa does). So it's most possible that Binti was killed outside when she went to investigate the noise, and then someone (most probably Mosi) dragged her body inside, probably in an attempt to save her... Which would mean that Mosi is probably alive, or that he at least outlived Binti. :plotting:Personally, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for him to be alive.

Ekoreenui's avatar

Awe damn i was really rooting for her too :(

Crissillis's avatar
Did both or one die? I only saw one body, but still sad for the little life.~😞☹️🥺😭
Famai's avatar
ChatLunatique's avatar

Well, in the lions defense, it does take a lot to feed a large pride. Any other predator in the area, especially one with cubs of her own to feed, is competition that needs to be gotten rid of as quickly as possible. Not to mention these lions apparently had an encounter with Chui, that has soured them on leopards especially.

Lions and hyenas are more traditionally rivals as their teritory and hunting practices often overlap so closely.

ZoraTheTwilightDrake's avatar

This somehow reminds me of a documentary where hyenas and warthogs are seen sharing a den site as neighbors, living relatively peacefully.

Except when a leopard arrives and catches one of the piglets, then the hyenas become interested in the dead piglet, and then lions arrived and also caught a piglet, which then stood up against one of the male lions. The lion was utterly confused by the bold piglet that didn't run away but just stared up at the cat and wagged its tail.

Sadly it ended with the lion grabbing it by the neck and killing it, but there are times in documentaries where the prey is able to confuse the predator with unnatural behavior, until it gets a chance to escape. Sadly that was not the case for this piglet, but still interesting to see.

Also fun to see a mongoose fighting against a lion and see the lion's confusion to the fiesty little fellow.

Midway2009's avatar

A hard way of life in the plains of Africa

jiiniix's avatar

strange, I can´t accept Binti´s dead Q-Q

Africa worked so hard to protect her cubs all this time and suddenly she loses everything, feel so sad for her, ( still I love this comic T-T)

Ladydragoncat's avatar

Faida is definitely speaking from experience...

Kruczka's avatar

And it could be the reason why she is so helpful for cubs :thinking:

BlueYoukai's avatar

Holy carp, Faida, please stop smiling. It's creeping me out.

I'm intrigued by the lions' pawprints, do they drag their claws on the ground before they fully lift the paw?

TotallyNotaWolf's avatar
I don’t think they do, i think they were trying to catch something. And since Binti was killed inside the tree, the “something” might have been Mosi.
NikaryFlare's avatar

Well, you know... that only lifts suspicion regarding BINTI from Faida. Since we haven't seen a single piece of Mosi yet...

FennecFyre's avatar

My guess is that he was able to run and go get the help of the hyenas, but they didn't get there in time. He's probably still back at their den where it's safe.

VLLady's avatar

I forgot about lions. Besides, the lions were rather comical characters so I didn't expect something cruel from them.

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