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Africa -Page 191

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I have added the link to the next page in the description!
The next page is available on Patreon for the first week, and will be available here on DA Wednesday September 9th!

You can be immobilized by fear, but love turns you blind.

A friendly reminder that the animals in this comic do not "cry" like humans do. It's always such a struggle to portray their pain and sadness! I hope I conveyed Africa's emotions well here :)


Caran d'Ache Supracolor Soft pencils on A4 paper. 
Several hours.
Characters and art (c) :iconarven92:


Special thanks to :iconsyruscoy: for the amazing support!


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OddDoggo123's avatar

Binti has claw marks, spotted hyenas have claws but they cannot use them like a cat

AstarGoldenwing's avatar

Darn, the first panels are really heart-breaking! :o That little nudge from Africa as she can't believe that Binti is really dead, and the way she holds onto her dead child displays more anguish than all the tears in the world. :(

And while Africa is in the wrong, lashing out at Faida like this, I don't think it's fair to demand calm and logic from her. She had just discovered that one of her cubs is dead, of course she isn't thinking straight - i wouldn't be surprised if she's attacked anyone who'd been nearby in a moment like this. :shrug:

KissKiller's avatar

Eagerly awaiting a new posting

XSamuraiEdgeX's avatar

whoa there, hun! i know you're grieving but putting the blame on the first ones you see is just outta control :/ i feel her though. she just lost her daughter. it's only natural she loses her mind.

sairey13's avatar

...What did Africa think was going to happen, the moment she left her cubs to take down Chui?

...She knew the chance of her cubs surviving on their own, even if she were to be gone for a few hours, are slim to none.

...But, that doesn't mean she can put the blame on the hyenas, when she didn't even go to them for help... Being stubborn with her pride, and how she's been raised to live like a leopard is supposed to live in.

...Otherwise, her cubs (If Mosi had, also, perished) would still be alive... And, really, she only has herself to blame, for leaving her cubs and resulting their deaths.

Scarl3tPanda's avatar

I watched a documentary the other night with a segment on Snow Leopards where a Mother was scent marking due to mating season, despite having a young cub with her. The cub was in terrible danger because the Males would have killed any existing cubs they found, but the Mother's instincts were too strong. This makes me worry for Mosi, if he's still alive will we see similar urges from Africa? Especially if she blames him for Binti's fate...

accidentaloverload's avatar

didn't this get uploaded last week?

Chepseh's avatar

This is her regular re-upload with the added message that the new page is already up on Patreon. People criticized those "reruns" but I think she wrote/left a whole journal entry explaining her standpoint.

accidentaloverload's avatar

ah i get you. thank you for the clarification!

Nguvuthelioness's avatar

Notice how only Binti is the one shown to be where's Mosi?

LinKueiWolf57's avatar

Africa, don't blame her, just let her to explain anything.

KiaraXKovu27's avatar

Africa's face in the first two panels broke my heart...

Ladydragoncat's avatar

Poor Binti... Now she'll never get to meet her father.

ArdorFearless's avatar

But she was never going to anyways. Male Leopards will kill cubs, regardless of whether they sired them or not. This was a dangerous mentality to have in Binti's case and it killed her. What I don't understand is how she could even be bothered with trying to find an alternative protector, like she wanted, when literally everything out there is trying to kill them! Worst part of this, is that only Mosi knew that! Which is why he hid and Binti didn't. And now she's dead because she thought something was coming to save and protect them when she should have hidden at the first glance of danger. Her death isn't shocking to me because I knew fully well that she wasn't equipped with learned lessons need to survive.

Hell, Chui tried to kill them once, but she still is dumb enough to go up to the first thing that moves. That's not natural instinct, that is grade A stupidity and she paid for that mistake with her life.

Linkification's avatar

oh, this hurts my heart.... poor little baby ;;

iamSketchH's avatar

So... I guess that's confirmation that Binti is dead and not just wounded... :(

I saw it coming and yet I'm still in denial.

BreakdanceTheBird's avatar
I mean, as sad as it is to see Binti go, it’s about time Africa had reality opened up to her. She neglected help from other animals and demanded that she was capable of protecting them, thinking nothing in her perfect little world could go wrong. Africa is a complete narcissist and she kind of deserves this pain, honestly. Unfortunately, Binti did not deserve her narcissist parent or her death.
PerpetualTwilight21's avatar

I agree with you that Africa needed a hard hit of reality to open her eyes up to how maladaptive and flawed her parenting strategies are, but I don't think she's a narcissist. She honestly does love and care about her babies, and she truly does THINK her way is the best way to keep them alive and well, probably as a result of how she herself was raised ( Giza was a strict and unyielding parent who indoctrinated her in the belief that leopards are what they are and not only can't change their ways, but SHOULDN'T change them, because doing so would invite tragedy and misfortune. Africa even questions if her getting kicked out of her land by Chui happened because she didn't stick to tradition *enough* but not naming her cubs after places as her mother instructed her to ). She's stubborn as a mule, and overconfident, and she tends to let her own personal pride blind her. She's got plenty of flaws to be sure. But at the heart of the matter she really does mean well even if she is going about it all wrong.

Narcissists, on the other hand, tend only to see and think of themselves and require constant admiration and praise even if they have done nothing to merit it. They like to blow their own horn and talk constantly about themselves and how great they are. They lack empathy and have an exaggerated sense of self-worth and importance. They have strong entitlement issues and no qualms with bullying and exploiting others to get what they want.

Africa may have a couple of narcissistic traits, but they are pretty toned down and not enough to make her a narcissist, from all I have seen. She thinks she knows better than everyone, true, but that's not quite the same as demanding and feeling entitled to special treatment: she merely thinks what others know is wrong, because that is what she was raised believing.

Kruczka's avatar

Are you crazy, Africa?! Why the hell would Faida do it?! In my opinion, lions are prime suspects. It could be also a new figure-maybe another leopard? But yes... Africa has been through a lot. She might be suspicious and distrustful after Chui cheated her and Sabra persuaded her to fight with Chui. In my opinion, Sabra is partially guilty. She got in Africa's head, which was desperate. But Africa made the final decision. Maybe she can't face their mistakes and that's why she blames everyone else.

I'm curious what role in this story play Modo. Concept arts suggest that he is an important figure. I guess, he will be adopted by Africa but why? Will Africa kill Sabra in rage? Or Sabra was killed by Binti's murderer? :thinking:

I'm curious what happened to Mosi. I think he could flee to hyenas or run away and lost.

Megomelas's avatar

You portrayed Africa's emotions perfectly!! I'm excited to see where this will lead!

Forbidden-Lamp's avatar

Honestly, Africa's ambition blinded her. In a way, she truly is at fault. This isn't to say Africa is a bad character, in fact, it's the opposite, it makes her interesting

LunarWolf1994's avatar

From what I remember Binti clearly said "Dad" or something along those lines, which makes me think that the perpetrator was most likely a leopard. They looked like her mother, hence why she thought it was "father". Ofc, I am assuming that she actually "saw" the perpetrator rather than just randomly assuming it's her dad just based on the rustling sounds.

Either way, this broke my heart into a million pieces. Not only do I love the characters, I actually am a huge cat lover, and currently have a growing kitten in my house alongside 3 other cats. So as you can imagine this and the previous page were beyond painful to swallow. :'(

Mokisaur's avatar

Also I'm not too sure it would be Sabra. I don't rule her out completely but she was very concerned with how Africa mothered her cubs and was extremely loving towards her little one as well. It wouldn't make much sense for her to be so concerned about that and then go and murder her cubs. And considering Sabra's kitten is still extremely reliant on her, it would make no sense, either, to put him at risk with retaliation from Africa. Then again, Africa herself has made some pretty... not-so-smart decisions herself so it isn't out of the realm of possibility. However, Sabra is only about as big as the cubs and those clawmarks are way too large to belong to her - unless they've been exaggerated. That isn't something Arven is really known to do though.

Bibi would be a good candidate. She's just about large enough and though she doesn't have much motive to kill Africa's cubs, we've seen how gullible she is and could have perhaps been convinced by the lions to do it.

A very small possibility of it being the crazy old cheetah but like, i so highly doubt that. cheetah's aren't aggressive animals and typically avoid conflict at all costs. Their energy has to be saved for chasing down prey.

To me, though, this seems to be the work of the lions themselves. They have the most motivation for something like this, they would want to send a message, and Faida and her clan are about the only ones that could scare them off (hence why I think Mosi went to go get her)

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