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Things Chui has broken so far:

-The rules of the contest

-Paa's heart

-The fourth wall

Jokes aside, this is a very meta page. I once watched a documentary about Arabian leopards, one of the rarest and most critically endangered leopard subspecies that have been killed for years because they threatened livestock, and that we're now attempting to save from the brink of extinction. Their population is extremely fragmented and it's beyond rare to film two individuals in the same area.

So when this incredible footage showed exactly that, two individuals together, it got me thinking that these animals were just living their life, unaware that they were among the last remaining of their species, and the only reason they're not extinct is because a bunch of people they're not even aware of, decided that they were worth saving.

We're more responsible for our actions than we think.

Chui's words are not a critic towards humans. Because he lived with them for a bit, he simply knows what they are capable of, and adapted his own lifestyle to this new awareness that he has. His confidence stems exactly from him knowing more than any other animal in the story.

I hope you like this little introspection!

Enjoy the page!


Caran d'Ache Supracolor Soft pencils on A4 paper. 
Several hours.
Characters and art (c) :iconarven92:


Special thanks to :iconsyruscoy: for the amazing support!


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Ah, what a page! :la: At the first read, I didn't recognize Chui's monologue as breaking the fourth wall - I thought that by 'someone who watches us' he had meant the people tracking his collar. I guess it's his time in the captivity of the humans that made Chui so shrewd and cunning, too. ;)

But you know what would've made this page even more hilarious? If sometime before, Arven made a poll asking whether Africa should live or die. That would've made Chui's words about Africa only living because someone else decided so doubly ironic. :giggle:

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don't worry guys the only ones that are watching them fight is nat geo

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XSamuraiEdgeXHobbyist Digital Artist

his face in the last panel means total and absolute business. that guy is not fucking around, is he?

i've seen many people say he's not a villain and he's just doing as his instinct tells him. but i partially disagree with that. sure, he tried to kill the cubs just like any leopard looking to mate.

but leopards who act on instinct don't cheat their way into territories. instinct doesn't make you form a pact with someone to make them betray their herd members. otherwise, animal characters shouldn't be villains at all cuz they act on "instinct". but this one is practically given human intelligence making him as cunning as one. kinda hard to believe that most - if not all his actions - are merely instinct driven. i mean, the lions and hyenas themselves have a bone to pick with him so don't tell me that whatever he did was only out of instinct.

KissKiller's avatar
KissKillerHobbyist Artist

Im starting to feel like he isn’t entirely a villain, but just a male leopard acting on instinct

Emberguard's avatar
Emberguard General Artist

No, he knows exactly what he’s doing.

Multiomniversal124's avatar

That piece of s**t. I can’t wait for him to get his comeuppance.

PapierowySzczur's avatar

Plot twist: The real villain is ARVEN92?

SyrusCoy's avatar

Spoiler; No.

PhoenixOfAmerica's avatar

Good lord, I am so hooked to this story! I love the way you used the color pencils and stuff (that is what you used, right?)

and BOY do I love Africa the leopard.

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rnbwtroutProfessional Digital Artist

love your description. i love how intelligent chui is. manical, yes. but absolutely correct :/

Dameinatrix's avatar
DameinatrixHobbyist Writer

I can't wait for Chui to get beat upside the head

ScrapesGoat's avatar
ScrapesGoatHobbyist General Artist

= 3= she deserves better than his hateful ass

supercrashthehedgeho's avatar
supercrashthehedgehoStudent Writer

For a minute there I thought he broke the 4th wall.

AnamayCat's avatar
AnamayCatHobbyist Digital Artist

this page is beautiful. I've loved reading this comic as you continue to post it, and i'm still going to continue to enjoy it as you keep going! the description about the documentary and how it got you thinking, it's such an insightful thing, and an interesting idea to think about!

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but he can't be a good dad, just a genitor, that's not the leopard way. And don't be too proud about the land that you STEAL by CHEATING in a RIGGED contest

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Karma is waiting to strike. Bad karma is the worse karma of all.
pinocchioo65's avatar

in this particular case for this particular personn, this is my favorite karma XD

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SilverSheCatHobbyist General Artist

tldr: chui figured out that he's not top on the food chain cuz aliens and this collar so he's being dickish about it lmao

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LeoncaHobbyist General Artist

Given how tough and smart they both are, they would probably have some pretty strong cubs. Any males could probably kick him out of his turf. Potential "be careful what you wish for" scenario.

Waikku's avatar
WaikkuHobbyist Digital Artist

"I can be a good father, I promise."

I bet Chui is like Avatar: when he is needed the most, he vanishes.

Goddess-Munch's avatar
Goddess-MunchHobbyist Digital Artist

Bet Africa's son is gonna be like Zuko and go to fight the Avatar to restore his honor.

Goddess-Munch's avatar
Goddess-MunchHobbyist Digital Artist

you know, this intrests me, how Chui says "I can be a good father, I promise."... So does he not plan to be like the others in their species? Normally the father wouldn't stick around after breeding with a female, they raise their cubs alone, but Chui is implying here that he would like to stay WITH Africa by his wording... Would he do so to teach his cubs the things he himself has learned, rather than letting them remain ignorant as every other animal does? Or is he simply saying "Hey, I can bang ya well" xD

If I remember right he had said something to Africa at the beginning of the comic, like asking her if they were his cubs, so did he breed with her before by chance? If she had said they were his, would he have stayed and helped her raise them?

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wasfight17Hobbyist Filmographer

male leopards will share the territory with the female who has his cubs but that it. he wont watch or hunt for them. but he will chase other males away and tolerate the cubs till they are old enough to leave. once that happen the dad will chase them away.

CrazyCreator101's avatar
CrazyCreator101Student Traditional Artist
mm... well, the male leopard—when they’re his cubs—won’t kill them whenever coming across the den since their his blood. he’d leave them be since territories do intermingle with one another. i hope i explained this well. i have a link i can give on a documentary where two males would continuously kill the rivals’ cubs of the female in the den while passing it until the female leopard outsmarted them and bred with both so they didn’t kill the cubs.
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