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The page is exclusive to Patreon for the first week, and will be posted on DA on July 17th!

Mosi is growing up fast, isn't he.

This page was touching to write, and it's very close to my heart especially at the moment.
Sorry for being so absent in these past few weeks and for my slowness with replies and commission orders. A lot has been going on over here, and culminated at a very low point just a couple days ago.
I'm looking to write a journal soon with a few updates, but for now, if there was ever a time you felt like supporting what I do, I'd appreciate it enormously. Your support means everything. :heart:

Enough babbling. 
Enjoy the page!

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Several hours.
Characters and art (c) :iconarven92:


Special thanks to Syrus Coy for the amazing support!


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I love Africa's face in the last panel

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Ironically it's Africa who does not change for the better.
I think what catches my attention most is the context of the story at this point.  When we first saw Africa, she was making friends with a gazelle and opening her heart and mind to the concept that things can change.  Her statement "Nothing changes" is both ironic and becoming.  On one hand, it's sobering and heartbreaking to see she's become as hardened and bitter as her mother, believing that nothing ever truly changes (at least not for the better).

What's ironic is, Africa herself is living proof that change does exist.  Although unfortunate, if she could go from a sweet friendly child to a strong and fierce mother, that shows things do change.
ClaraCheetahWolf's avatar's July 20...anytime now, you know...past 4 days...soooo, did you forget?
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Thank you...also sorry for
Wolfpaths's avatar
The babies are so cute!!! I love how he is sitting on top of her like that! SO cute <3
ikky007's avatar
Glad to finally catch up after a while.
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Wow, I just spent the whole night reading this AMAZING comic!! I stumbled upon it when I went to check your gallery after seeing one of your other pieces I really liked in the Browsing section. Man was I glad I cam across this marvellous creation!

I only like to point out something though; while I really love your art, I also think your writing and story telling is amazing as well! I see a lot of comment where you say you don't like your writing (speech bubbles), but I think it's really good. It's not to much in anyway, but essential to get the whole picture. take it from someone who reads (especially comics/manga and fanfiction) a lot!

Time flies fast and now I've come to the last posted piece. Whatever hardships you have right now in you life I hope that it will work out. I hope I'm able to send the love and adoration I have for your work to you through this comment. Best regards!! <3

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Aww, this page is so adorable – I just loved how Africa and her cubs have to squeeze together to fit into the tree, with Africa curling in a ball and Mosi sitting on her back. The poses there are simply the best! :clap:

I'm also glad that Africa is not mad at Mosi for not telling her about Chui, instead, she just seems incredibly tired. The topic of change comes up again, and it's ironic how Africa reacts to it in the same way as her mother did. ;) Binti's statement, though... Darn, it's too early for the precious girl to get 'the talk' on how fatherhood works among leopards. :o  

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Africa's got a looooooot of growing to do-

"things never change" I think she's willfully blind.
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Africa's face at the end ! So cute OwO
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Lmao it literally says “Anyway, both cubs share traits with their parents: Africa and this mysterious male (that I didn't even design, shhhhhhhh), but one of them actually looks a lot like Africa's father: Tumaini.

The thing you’re referencing says that Tumaini is AFRICA’S father, not the cubs’ father. The cubs’ father has not been shown yet
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Whoops silly me xD
*hides comment*
well, I'm in the wrong too then ahaha :XD:
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“Apparently they changed for dad though”

All of us: ThE fAtHeR?!?!??!!??
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Lmao this comment section is the funniest and most frustrating thing to read
LauraRamirez's avatar
Ikr? I just put a simple comment and there has been buttloads of deviants replying to each other, wow :XD: :XD: :XD: 
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¯\_(ツ)_/¯ people really don’t like to admit they’re wrong I guess
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Africas face in the last panel is so adorable omg XD
That moment when kiddos start life-serious conversations XD 
Africa has one hell of a night in front of her. 
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Africa's expression in the last panel is so cute XD Binti has grown up too lol
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