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Meet Safari the cheetah!

...And you thought Faida was cuckoo.

QUICK NOTICE: The next page will be uploaded in THREE weeks time instead of the usual two. I will be attending Romics Comic Con throughout next week and thus won't be able to work on the page!
Thanks for understanding!


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Caran d'Ache Supracolor Soft pencils on A4 paper. 
Several hours.
Characters and art (c) :iconarven92:


Special thanks to Syrus Coy for the amazing support!


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CorruptTempest's avatar

That tongue blep though.. LOL

IcySnowKitten's avatar
Heey, that cheetah is half blind, isn't he? I see one of his pupils are gray instead of black 0_0
XSamuraiEdgeX's avatar
vulture is like "wtf?"
TheHappyGamer's avatar
Aww, I love this guy! You have such a beautiful art style. I'm loving the story thus far. I just started today. 
Daviatum's avatar
Altraion100's avatar
Africa smells fleeeshhhhh
Woodswallow's avatar
The cheetah has such a character face, I already love him :D And the third panel is so great, perfect expression and that "screee" is too cute XD
PatiLee's avatar
Cheetah did not age well after retiring from Chakra Heroes...
o-fuk's avatar
someone please feature this fucking comment
LucyMystery's avatar
I really wish I could "upvote" both of yours comments 😂
WildeMaehne's avatar
Amazing page like always.
Well... Some of these comments here, make me believe, that people look and somehow read but do not pay attention. 
That makes me sad. This is such an amazing comic with so much depth to it and such great characters.
Know your animals dudes XD
Anu-Hellsing's avatar
I love how you used a king cheetah! I love their patterns on their backs! 
philocake's avatar
Actually I'm pretty sure it's just a regular cheetah and the stripe was a stylistic choice. King cheetahs have a mix of stripes and dots on their bodies, kinda like servals, not just a single stripe on their backs. 
LeSplobae's avatar
I think by "Dada" Safari meant sister, because, for one, male cheetah's are not involved in their cubs' raising, and cheetah siblings often stick together. For some reason this just hits me in a super sad place, teared up a lil ngl. They were either abandoned by their sister after she had cubs, or she died. :"^(
JB-Pawstep's avatar
Dada was the nickname of my sister, when she was a baby 😂
StardustAstro's avatar
with a second look, is africa sticking her tongue out? If so that's just adorable 
PoppyPosion's avatar
Safari's probably a cheetah. His stripes compared to Africa's differ, Safari has completely black spots and face markings very similar to a cheetah. 
H-Badger's avatar
Description says "Meet Safari the cheetah"
PoppyPosion's avatar
I saw some ppl say he was a leopard 
H-Badger's avatar
They probably havent read the description
RavenHeart1984's avatar
africa's like:o (Eek) :o (Eek) :o (Eek) 
TXCleverGirls's avatar
I love Africa's face in the 4th panel! She looks like Toothless when he was trying to convince Hiccup to eat the fish. 
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