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Very text-heavy page! Sabra talks a lot.
I really wanted to convey her superiority in this page through perspectives and background elements, so that she always appears taller than Africa.


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Caran d'Ache Supracolor Soft pencils on A4 paper. 
Several hours.
Characters and art (c) :iconarven92:


Special thanks to Syrus Coy for the amazing support!


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AstarGoldenwing's avatar
Hehe, Sabra has so much sass! Wonderful use of perspective, too - Sabra clearly has an upper hand in this conversation! :clap: ;P

However, despite how confident Sabra appears... Typically, servals have more than one kitten in a litter, so if Sabra has only one, then most likely her other kittens didn't survive... :(
BlueYoukai's avatar
I'd say that's a fair deal. But Africa is weak and tired. Will she have enough strenght to catch something?
RocaTeithmore's avatar
I still not sure is Mondo a serval or another small cat? Since I never saw a serval with those distinguish stripes
RocaTeithmore's avatar
JulyZipper's avatar
i don't really see how they would be anything other than a serval.  there's no other species with that particular coloration besides the cheetah, and jaguar, and both of those are too big.  all other small wild felines don't have the right body type or coloration.  also note that the pattern is likely a result of the artist going "i really don't want to do a thousand tiny spots every time i draw this character.  i already have to do that with africa and her children."  and making the pattern so distinguished.

so that's what i think but i'm a nosy nerd that knows too much about animals so take it with a grain of salt.  i could be wrong!
RocaTeithmore's avatar
Well, I asked because I was unsure... there are so many small cats in Afrika so it was quite possible it was one I don't know. Since she has some features of a Karacal as well but that definitely won't fit with the markings...
On the other hand, I haven't seen that many servals in my life. Maybe its one of those genes that would make a king cheetah as well.
Toxical-Toon's avatar
Ooh I bet that friend is Mondo!
EstigiaKinslayer's avatar
The friend is Faida, the "kitten" is Mondo :)
LauraRamirez's avatar
Oh great, I've just realized that it was night time ^^;
Tykinater's avatar
These night scenes are stunning.  *o*
Barleyfeather's avatar
This comic's awesome! I can't wait for the next page
ZoraTheTwilightDrake's avatar
So the hyenas are running a daycare or something? XD
Ratshaman's avatar
It's actually a snackbar, but don't tell that to the parents... ;-p
XSamuraiEdgeX's avatar
so i bet this new best friend is the hyena. for some reason, i expected a crazy ass plot twist where GIZA was going to be this friend. lol the bullshit i think up sometimes XD

that being said, Africa's face in the second panel can be put to a lot of uses. like "i don't give a crap, bitch" or "fuck with me and i'll tear out your eyeballs" or maybe even " the number of fucks i give are little to none" and finally "u mad, bro?"
yup. that could make a wonderful internet meme.
Raptor-Rage's avatar
Sabra's so smug lol 

I kind of want to see a honey badger in this...I can see that being something that nothing wants to mess with, and even pushes the lions around :D (Big Grin) 
JenxDoodles's avatar
I love this comic so much!! I can't wait for more! XD
56horse's avatar
I refuse to believe africa's mother is dead. I refuse. I know she is alive. 
Ava-the-gremlin's avatar
The deal is fair ^^
TeamPokemonSpain's avatar
Africa I'm so sorry deserves it :( Looks like Faida gonna be the best ma'am in this comic ewe
HoneyPupDragon's avatar
Very fair actually! 
She's being nice to even help Africa after kicking her out of her territory so this is mild compared to anything
TyrantChimera's avatar
I mean.... is fair?
asteroids-edge's avatar
Aw Sabra is sneaky
EiNsAiNe's avatar
how do you do so good with traditional coloring? what is your secret? ;3;
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