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Africa -Page 143


Africa -Page 144 by ARVEN92

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You can bet your driver's license that Badru knows all those tricks by heart.


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Caran d'Ache Supracolor Soft pencils on A4 paper. 
Several hours.
Characters and art (c) :iconarven92:


Special thanks to Syrus Coy for the amazing support!


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It been so long I have not done a critique on you, Arven92. Anyway, here I go. I adore the vision of the landscape and and purple night sky due to the fact that both bring a touch of harmony to the hyena pack. The originality of Faida on each panel is breath taking, which bring out the fearness of her personality and the witty grin in the 5th panel. Arven92, you color technique as no flaws because I still believe you are a number one traditional artist through and through. That is my respect to you right there. Even the torn up animal leg seem really realistic. The impact I see so far is poor little male cubs concern for his mother and how Badru victory on running away with Faida's meal. Awesome.

Sorry for the very long wait. I have college to complete and a long rest. Don't worry, I graduated, which is such a relief. Will comment again soon.
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reminds me of Ed in lion king XD

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*cue song* Wait, this isn't Disney.

I love this comic, and your work in general!
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wait, don't hyenas hurt leopard babies?
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Like humans, animals are different from individual to individual. Some animals form unlikely friendships with other species, sometimes they just hold a truce.
I saw a documentary of two black bears approaching a group of wolves that had just taken down a large prey (moose or something). One bear was big, fully grown and strong, the other was smaller, young and less experienced.
The big bear stormed towards the wolves trying to scare thrm off, like most bears would do. But the wolves fight back and end up chasing the big bear away.
Then, the small bear approaches the wolves and prey calmly, not growling or appearing threatening at all, even when the wolves start growling at it. It reaches all the way to the prey, and, surprisingly, the wolves allow it to eat from the kill at the same time as they are eating from it. The two species hold a truce to eat from the same kill, even though the wolves could also easily kill the young black bear.
I have also seen a program where an elephant carcass was being eaten by lions, hyenas, jackals, vultures and maybe a couple more species, all at the same time. Because the kill was so large, the carnivores had no reason to fend each other off, for there was more than enough meat for everyone present.
I've also seen a stranded whale being eaten by several polar bears at the same time, mothers with cubs as well as old and young males, without anyone getting into a fight.
Just goes to show that wild animals aren't as one-sided as we think. Most of them are the same, but only because they need to be like that to survive, but there are some that act differently, think differently.
It really depends on the situation and the individual.

But, uh, to answer your original question: yes, in general, hyenas will kill leopard as well as lion and cheetah cubs and african wild pups. This clan is simply one of the more peculiar, acting differently than most of their species. Or perhaps they're only leaving them alone because the matriarch is an oddball and orders them to leave them alone.
Who knows.
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haha go Badru!! and amazing page!! 
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Chief, ask jokes aside: You put in work. I've never seen such dedication and it's inspiring.
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I order your comic on etsy an last week it arrived at home :D
I love Africa! And i thank you very much for Giza :) You draw her on the last site of the first comic for me <3
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Aw, empathic and sensitive Mosi. Will adult hormones eventuall turn him into a Chui as well, though? Or is he a, er, child of the change?

Also - I can't help but think some female hyena will again steal away the food - from Badru - on the next page.
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Tip #1- sit on your food so Badru doesn't nick it while you're having a conversation with someone else. 
Alternative- sit on Badru so he doesn't nick your food while having said conversation.
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Thats a perfect tip lol XD
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I feel happy for him hahahaha
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Hee hee hee, Badru actually got that meat! :giggle: Oh, and panels from 2 to 4 are very expressive, good job on them! I wouldn't be surprised if Faida's scars were caused by lions. Hmm, I wonder who is that friends that Faida mentions? :plotting:
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Whoop, he got the food.
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Something tells me that the scar on Faida's face was from a particularly nasty tangle with Bes.
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Capper  " 'Cause I'm the friend you need!"

Okay, I'm sorry. I had to. XD
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lol, that old timer made off with that leg.
I like her.
She isn't stupid at all, but I think she's hiding something, she isn't telling us all the truth.
I hope her friends is a rhino or an elephant, I miss erbivores and their point of view about the world
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whoever Bes is, sounds tough.
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lol you mean that fat oaf? i have a hard time remembering their names.
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Yeah, under the tree where Africa is
XSamuraiEdgeX's avatar
omg i totally forgot about her XD
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