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Africa -Page 141


Africa -Page 142 by ARVEN92

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French Version / Version française: [link] by/par :iconaspi-galou:


We finally see Africa again after thirteen pages and like five months of cub goodness.

The wild dogs are the best characters I swear, lol

Also! I will leave an announcement later, but


I will be in Novara, Italy, attending Fumettopolis 2018, and I WILL PRESENT AFRICA for the first time!
You will find the comics, original artworks and lots of merch! (button pins, stickers, posters & more!)
If you happen to be close-by, come say hello!
Con info:
Once the con is over, I will finally put my Africa comics up for sale online! Get ready! :D


Click the Purchase button on the right for the high-res, unwatermarked version!


Instagram (2016) Icon by linux-rulesI have an instagram, come say hi!…

Caran d'Ache Supracolor Soft pencils on A4 paper. 
Several hours.
Characters and art (c) :iconarven92:


Special thanks to Syrus Coy for the amazing support!


:iconpatreonplz:Support me on Patreon and read comic pages beforehand!:iconpatreonplz:

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Jose1106's avatar
Woah, just came back to this page to view it again and the comments shocked me. I thought it was pretty obvious that you updated the page every week to add a Patreon link for potential patrons? And even then, does it matter if it's in your feed again; delete it from your feed and move on. Huh, well I'm glad you put a stop to all these accusations, and sorry for bringing it up like 5 months later, haha. Surprised I miss this surge of comments, if I had known I probably would've lost my temper quickly and repsonded to all of them XD.
Midway2009's avatar
Very strict that mother is. Like a drill sergeant! :wow:
AstarGoldenwing's avatar

Haha, papa Wema is such a great teddy bear! I like how his design is more soft and ragged compared to Maua, who is all sharp lines and angles. And the third panel is pure gold! If all African wild dogs are as military-oriented as this family, it’s no wonder that they are such successful hunters. :D

So, Binti didn’t run very far from Africa and the lions, which is both good and bad… I also love how Anput looks more amused than anything in 5th panel while Africa is so furious and angry. :giggle:

fruitbatslyra's avatar
Binti's expression in that first panel broke my heart... Trash Dove Crying (not my art) 
silverdragon76's avatar
Bet it's Maat returning. Hoo-boy. Hope Anaka intervenes if she decides to go after Binti, at least she seems like she's not 100% in favor of what Bes and the others are doing.

eta- I have no problem with the updates at all, I just consider them to be a rerun to refresh my memory before the next episode. :D
Cats-Are-Purrfect's avatar
This page is so good! I'm not going to say anything about all the arguments and blah and whatever in the comments because it's ridiculous, what do these people even think they're complaining about? Anyways, I really love both your comics and all your drawings, Arven! :D (Big Grin) Love 
Raptor-Rage's avatar
hahaha, guess we all know who's the Alpha in the pack now, don't we? :D (Big Grin) 
SinisterEchoes's avatar
I've never left a comment here before, but due to all the whining below, I have to.

I understand why you update pages and hell, you're updating them, not spamming reuploads or anything. I also greatly appreciate an update, so I can be refreshed on what just happened (As I'm a busy adult and sometimes things slip my mind). You keep doing you Arven, if people want to unfollow or be ungrateful towards all the hard work you put into YOUR comic, let them! I hope the proverbial door hits them on the way out. You're a true inspiration to me and many, many other artists.

You don't need to deal with pointless and silly drama, you keep doing you. And once I can afford to, you bet your sweet ass I'll be pledging to your patreon with either the $25/month or $50/month pledge. You'll always have my full support!
FelSchwarz's avatar
Wow, so much drama... I'm sorry, that's really not what I intended with my comment.. (and I have to admit, I was a bit hot-headed at this moment ^^' )

I'm watching many full-time artists, all of them advertise their art in one way or another, your way on this comic just doesn't work for me, actually, it's driving me away.
I wanted to give my feedback two days ago, because perhaps other potential supporters feel the same. There are many ways to attract new readers/supporters, that are not as "in-your-face" (I didn't even notice the new link, to me it just looked the same.. That's what irritated me, because it felt just like "bumping up for attention". Maybe a little notice like "Update: new link for patreons" or something like that would clarify your intentions..)

I completely understand that it's difficult to live off your own art, I try to do the same (obviously not on this site though) and try out different ways of advertising, some work, some don't.

I hope, this doesn't come across just like another insult, but as at least a tiny bit helpful :) (Smile) 
ARVEN92's avatar
Hi, thank you very much for your comment, I'm glad we had a chance to clarify things on both sides :)

I completely understand if this method doesn't resonate with you, and I'm actually very grateful for the tip you gave me regarding the "Update: new link for patrons" text. I will definitely use that, so as to make things even clearer. That was very helpful thank you!

I will make sure to look for new and better ways to advertise my page. This method works fairly well for now, but I simply hate to make people upset, so if the situation requires it, I will look for ways to change it. :)
FeatheryFables's avatar
Oh damn, I never thought I'd see the day where people start attacking creators for posting patreon links or updating their pages for comics... That's pretty sad in all honesty, it is perfectly fair that we who don't support a creator, whether it's because we can't or just don't want to, would get things later than those who DO pay for what they get to see. It can be hard to have patience I know, I love this comic dearly since I found it and I wish it was out every week instead of every two weeks but it's not going to work out the way we want it to be, when the author has a life to lead and bills to pay it's only natural that we have to have a bit of patience and respect for the author and wait our turn for the content we can receive, which comes later to us than to people who support the author's life. Deviantart isn't like youtube, it's not anyone who watches or tunes into a program or anything like that who helps pay and support an artist, we're the only ones who pay her for what she does, no bigger company pays her for having a lot of views or followers on here... as nice as that would be if they could because she and many other artists on here are simply amazing people and amazing at what they do. Wink/Razz Love   

Updating a page is also not a form of attention seeking or bumping so I'm not seeing everyone's problem here. When you follow someone you can go to their page and unmark certain checkboxes for what you will and won't see from the artist in your notifications list, instead of attacking the artist you can simply uncheck seeing these specific things and instead keep the last page you read bookmarked, and just check back every two weeks to see when a new page has been added. I mean I've always done that with comics because more than half the time I'm not interested in every little thing an artist does, which is fine... and if I am subscribed to see everything if there's a stack of things uploaded I won't normally look through them so I delete the whole stack and I may never see the recent page that came out (like this time I hadn't seen it until just now) so it's really nice to have these updates sometimes, and it's nice to have these pages just bookmarked instead of having to wait for the notifications and rely on those alone ^^  We have to do our own work and our own time on things to make it fit to OUR schedule, not force someone else who has their own to accommodate to ours so instead of complaining and calling out this wonderful artist look for alternatives you can use first before lashing out at someone over what they do... especially when you don't understand why they do it to begin with or not even care why to begin with. Sites like Patreon can be a hassle... it's not always easy to get the link you need, when you need it so we have to face that sometimes these things just happen and there's nothing you can do about it.
ARVEN92's avatar
Oh boy, I went to get some sleep and I come back to this.
How did we even get here.

I think I owe everyone an explanation, a thank you and an apology.
First off, I am terribly sorry for having caused all of this mayhem. I make sure to always steer clear of drama, and I never would have expected something so minuscule to cause so much upset.

Secondly, thank you to everyone who understood my situation and saw through my actions. I always strive to be as transparent as possible, and I'm really grateful to the readers who understood that I do things with the best of intentions.

Now for the explanation. Once again, I never would have thought I'd have to justify myself for updating a post. I've been on this website for ten years and this is a first for me.
I'm gonna take it nice and slow and analyze my reasoning step by step, so as to clarify any confusion.

For starters, when I update a post, I update a post. I don't just repost it as it is with the intention of bumping it, hoping it would get more attention, faves and views.
When I update Africa pages, I leave the link to the newest page in the description. A link that wasn't there before, hence the word "update".

For the first week, the new Africa page is only available on Patreon. The link I posted will send you to a page where you are invited to join the website in order to read it.
In case you are not familiar, Patreon is a website where you can support your favorite creators with monthly donations, and get cool rewards in return.
The reward I offer for pledging a small amount on Patreon is posting pages one week in advance for supporters to read.

The link I post here on DeviantART is not meant to remind Patrons that a new page is up for them. As someone else said in the comments, they get an e-mail notification for that.
The link I post here on DeviantART is not meant to tease, or belittle, or frustrate readers who don't wish to support. I fully understand that not everyone has the means or interest to support me economically, and I still enormously appreciate that they read the comic. As a matter of fact, I still upload one Africa page every two weeks, like it's always been for the past five years now. You don't lose anything from not supporting, and you still get to enjoy the comic for free. Always.

The link I post here on DeviantART serves the purpose to attract new potential Patrons who might be interested in supporting me.
So, does this whole thing count as advertising? Yes, it most probably does.
...How is that a bad thing? I have no clue.

I am a full time artist. This means that I draw for a living. I draw 8-10 hours a day, get some (very little) sleep, then get up, rinse and repeat.
I left my job as a pharmacist in order to focus 100% on art, because that's how much I love drawing, and that's what I really want to do for the rest of my life.
It's a very risky path, and I am fully aware of the issues that may arise. With that said, I'm doing fairly ok at the moment, thanks to commissions, selling the comic and Patreon donations.
Patreon makes up a large portion of my income, therefore it's crucial for me to share that link when it's available.

What has been defined as an act of bumping or attention seeking, is in fact something that helps me pay the bills.
Also, I only update Africa pages with this link every other Wednesday, while the rest of the month you actually get new, never-before-seen pages, as well as tons of other art on the side.
That's twice a month I update pages, once every two weeks. And it saddens me that this one thing is what upsets people to the point they wish to unwatch me (which by all means, feel free to if you need).
I strive to post bigger, better artworks on an almost daily basis, and that's all fine and dandy, but God forbid I try to advertise for something that helps me create even more, I get called an attention seeker.

Here you go! 
I hope this wall of text helps clarify my reasoning. 
Now please, no more drama in the comments. We all have better things to do, and awesome art to show to the world. :)…

Thank you for reading, and have a great day!
Greater-Wolf's avatar
I don't understand why people would complain?? Like alright you've seen the page already, it comes back in your notifications... just ignore it. It's your post, your page, your art, you get control of it not them. If they want to unwatch you, why do they have to announce it? Why can't they just do it in silence?

Sorry you have to deal with that drama though D:
Chepseh's avatar
Win for me -without the drama, I might have never been introduced to this sweet spinning seal. :heart:
SideQuestPubs's avatar
"So, does this whole thing count as advertising? Yes, it most probably does.
...How is that a bad thing? I have no clue"

I fully agree--no idea why wanting to attract potential Patrons is a "bad thing".... though I'm gonna chalk it up to the oh-so-confusing "creative work is valuable enough for me to demand but not valuable enough for the owner to earn money for" sort of attitude that some people have. (Because for such people it is no longer about whether they pay for anything, but about whether anyone pays you for your work, or they would have no reason to complain about the link.)

But as far as complaining about the update goes, I didn't even pay attention to whether it was listed as an update in my alerts and just assumed I'd never removed the original posting from there. :shrug: But that's me and my own lack of observational skills; if you hadn't posted this here comment I would never have realized this was an update....
Clearly other people took a different approach, or you would never have felt the need to provide that explanation. :(
LoneWolfIcy's avatar
I'm just going to take this moment to say how much I appreciate you bringing us this comic for free, since, as you wrote, most of us don't have the means to support you monetarily. I don't know what I'd do without the amazing stories of the CHAKRA Heroes or Africa and her Little Ones in my life to bring me joy.
And I don't mind seeing a page updated. In fact, before I knew what this post was about, I was wondering "Hang on... If there's a link to the previous page, but not the next one, doesn't that mean she updates the pages every two weeks? Hm. Never noticed that." Though, I for one tend to re-read the whole comic just for fun every once in a while.

I am weird like that^^

Unfortunately, there are no words that can fully express how grateful I am, so a simple Thank You will have to suffice.
So thank you ever so much, and I wish you all the best on your artist's path!
KeenTigerClaw's avatar
Alright so I just scrolled through the comments, and I can’t describe how..Irritated I am. Like SERIOUSLY?! It is ARVENS COMIC. They can do whatever they want to do with the pages, or links. If you guys want to complain about them just making it more convenient for others, do it somewhere else where people who DONT CARE AND DONT WANNA HEAR IT ARE.

I’m probably gonna get a lot of hate for saying this, but somebody had to. Anyways, love the page Arven!
Detrah's avatar
I really didn't realize it was going to become this sort of issue. I thought that by telling her how I feel about the repeat updates, she would have the chance to decide whether to change how she does things. Or keep them the same, its her choice. I didn't realize it was to let Patrons know about updates, and I certainly didn't realize it was going to be upsetting her or others. I would have kept my mouth shut if I had know, and looking at all the messages after mine, I wish I had.

Makes me just miserable to see what people have said when I didn't mean anything bad. 
KeenTigerClaw's avatar
I get you didn’t mean any harm on just stating your opinion. Honestly, that’s fine, everybody does it. It’s just..This is the internet. People will take the smallest things too far, even if it’s just saying what you think. Now I can get thinking it’s annoying she updates her pages. But I wouldn’t comment about it, because it’s just a small thing she does. Everybody does their own thing, and I don’t think anybody would appreciate having to explain themselves about something they do. 

As she said, she does this for a living. It isn’t easy. Plus she has to deal with the haters who just be jerks for no reason and don’t hold anything back. I went to Riverspirits art a few weeks back, and somebody was calling her work ‘s___.’ Being an artist is hard. You don’t make a whole lot, and you don’t exactly get a life of luxury. But they do it because they LIKE to draw. They don’t do it to deal with complainers. 

Im sorry if you feel insulted by this, it’s just me saying what I believe and know. Again, it’s alright you made a mistake. 
storielle's avatar
Hey guys, instead of complaining about the comic pages being updated, try to think of it more positively! This is the artists main way of getting funds - a comic isn’t easy work, and it takes a lot of work, they deserve to be allowed to update it for more viewers (in case someone accidentally deleted it) and to notify people who don’t follow them on patreon about it being available. Let’s try being more supportive of artists instead of breaking them down! We’re incredibly lucky to not have to pay to view this incredible story, the least we could do is be thankful and not be upset if the artist asks for donations.
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