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A.S. All That Glitters -Page 3


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French Version / Version française: [link] by/par :iconaspi-galou:

Page three of the Azarian Stories mini comic!
Ahhh I'm so excited for this! Like the previous page, I've been working so hard on this piece (although for considerably less time).
You know when you're on your own, minding your own business, and then OMG a horde of racing idiots almost tramples you over?
This week we are introduced to the unlikely protagonist of our little story. And while he's still unnamed, you can tell he's not exactly a cute little angel.
He's in a bit of a situation right now, and those three gentlemen are helping him through it. No, seriously.
On that note, you may recognize those three Azaras from one of my previous pictures: The Powerfluff Girls by ARVEN92
I was testing out some colours, as well as their fur patterns. They changed ever so slightly for the actual comic, but it's them C:

As always, I've hidden little Easter eggs throughout the page, which you can have fun discovering :D

Wanna know what happens next? Stay tuned for more!
Please feel free to critique! Critique is very, very, VERY welcome! :)

More about Azaras: Azara Species Sheet by ARVEN92
The continent of Athar: Azarian Stories: Map of Athar by ARVEN92

40+ hours of work
Lineart made with permanent waterproof India ink and a dip pen
Painted with Schmincke watercolors on Fabriano F4 220gsm paper
Characters and art (c) :iconarven92:
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© 2016 - 2021 ARVEN92
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Schwarzweiler's avatar
I love it! great work!
ARVEN92's avatar
Thanks so much :)
ARVEN92's avatar
Lol perfect XD
Cambion-Hunter's avatar
You're welcome, Arven. :)
AnimalArtist2's avatar
I LOVE THIS!!! <3333
ARVEN92's avatar
So happy you do! :D
Thank you! :)
AstarGoldenwing's avatar
Omg, all those derp faces in the background. And the Azaroth is like, 'Huh, two-legs.' :D The way you convey the motion in the pictures is pretty great, though at times I'm prone to 'whose arm/leg is this' in a group shots like this one. ;)

I noticed that the trio of Azaras don't wear any cloaks, and in one of the comments you mentioned that it's color of the kilts that corresponds with the rank. So does that mean that there are occasions when Azaras can/must not wear their cloaks? And I'm curious about their... neck thingies (status symbols? armor?), since I don't remember seeing any other Azaras wear the likes of them. :plotting:
ARVEN92's avatar
Derp faces are the best! :la:
ROFL true, that Azaroth is not amused XD
I'm really happy you like it! Although true, that's still an issue I can't seem to get rid of XD
That's correct! I wanted to make a distinction between and within the Azarian military force. Soldiers who go out to war and defend borders, or are official guards of someone imprtant, always wear capes. These three soldiers instead are in charge of keeping order in the streets of a small town, sort of like a local police force. I therefore made them less "official" while still giving them ranks typical of the Azarian military (orange for unspecialized soldier, green for specialized, and black for the Commander - with one orange and one green band to indicate that he has control over those two ranks).
As for their neck things, I'm still unsure about this, but I think they're going to be part of the attire of the local police force, together with the kilt. They're both a protection for the neck area and a means of easily identifying the soldiers in a crowd :)
SagwaX89's avatar
Is that Bibi in the last panel? :)
Also f reat job on another beautifully drawn and colored page:D
ARVEN92's avatar
Haha not quite, just someone who looks similar XD
Thank you!
SagwaX89's avatar
Oh ok:) 
And your welcome^^
CrimsonAlpha's avatar
wow that is one fast human to outrun those Azara! The fear of loosing a hand or two is a great motivator :) 
ARVEN92's avatar
Precisely, that human has all the reasons to be running that fast XD
Plus that's pretty much what he does for a living, so he's used to it, lol
SkyHighDisco's avatar
Hey fellas

Look at the guy in the golden skirt in second panel in the background.

He's like: "Awww yeah, look at me fabulous." >B(
ARVEN92's avatar
KeIIion's avatar
Look awesome i hope someone know out that soldiers, would be pretty cool
ARVEN92's avatar
Thank you!
Hoho maybe we will ;)
KeIIion's avatar
Sooty123's avatar
"filthy thief" is so hard to say out-loud ;w; 
ARVEN92's avatar
True lol
Tongue twister XD
Planimaux's avatar
The cream piebald Azaras in the second panel in the background, it looks like she makes a dance pose XD
ARVEN92's avatar
Ahahha true Xd
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