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Abstract Portrait - Celestia

Part of a a series of abstract portraits I've been doing based on the My Little Pony characters.

Something I put together quickly to use as a cover image for a story I'm writing, called The Seventh (FIMFiction, DeviantArt).

The paper texture I used for the background can be found here.

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Amazing, its just a few simple lines and still you can clearly see that its Celestia :3
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Beautifully simplistic. Really awesome. :)
EagleSpartan888's avatar
Very simple and beautiful.

Nice job!
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I love how simple and beautiful this kind of art is, it's truly something to be proud of!
Arvaus's avatar
Thanks! I have enjoyed experimenting with this style. And I have to say it really amuses me that the simplest picture I've done so far has quickly become the most popular.
Tmcnicol's avatar
This style of art has a way of attracting a massive crowd with it's simplicity and it's beauty
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ClaudiaQH's avatar
Wow! I love this :3
Znegil's avatar
I like this, I have a thing for minimalistic.
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