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By purchasing my art services, you automatically agree to the following conditions. 
Please read this entirely and carefully. If there are any questions or concerns, send me a private note.


❖ All payment should be in USD or NOK. Via PayPal. DeviantArt points are only acceptable as payment if specified by me.
I reserve the right to decide the final price for individual commissions, regardless of pricing stated elsewhere.
❖ All payment should be made through invoice method. I will invoice you. DO NOT send me any payment outside of this invoice.
❖ Payment is due in full up front for any commission, unless specified otherwise. Payment plan availability must be discussed with me and is not a guaranteed option.
A refund during or prior to the sketch stage contains a 25% deduction for slot occupation. Once a WIP sketch has been approved, or from start if one isn't needed, then I will be unable to refund you. Chargebacks are absolutely NOT allowed.
❖Revisions of the artwork is only possible during the sketch stage, during which you may request a WIP. Revisions due to a dislike of style, change of mind or failure to specify details during the order will not be granted unless I agree to it, during which I reserve the right to add a fee of my choice over the edit. Unreasonably high nitpicking on details is also not allowed. Anything that needs to be fixed on my mistake will be fixed for free, but unjust demands might lead to a cancellation of the commission.
❖You will receive the full resolution only after the payment is made in full.


By commissioning me, you're purchasing my artist labor and only a partial right to a design/art piece. I retain all copyrights over my work, which include but are not limited to the right to distribute, reproduce or use the image as a sample for sales/self-promotion.

❖ I will respect your request to not publicly post your commission. No explanation necessary, however you must inform me of this when ordering.
❖ I will not claim the Intellectual Property or reuse/resell the image for personal and commercial projects unless agreed upon.
❖ I reserve the right to reject your commission proposal without question, as well as cancel ongoing commissions.


You may upload the work done for you to your site as long as it is credited and linked back to my gallery. Once a piece is commissioned, you may use it for any personal use that you please, including but not limited to icons, signatures, layouts, wallpapers, themes and personal site display.

❖ You retain the rights to the IP.
❖ You may NOT claim the work to be your own, edit, resell or set it up for redistribution. You may NOT use it for any external projects, commercial or non-commercial UNLESS agreed upon.
❖ If you are looking for something to redistribute, reproduce, use for your project(s), as an ad, for a video, to resell at conventions etc. Speak to me for information on commercial prices/royalty fees.
❖ Always credit me if displaying the piece publicly.

If you are not sure whether your request counts as personal or commercial, feel free to ask me about its intended use.


Preface. You understand that Arvata is not working with only your priorities in mind. They will take steps that are time consuming and slow. Additionally, while they do work hard to give you a custom-tailored quality product, they will not work for commissioners who demand an unreasonable amount of edits. Please do not commission them if you are looking for fast or timely work or if you are extremely nitpicky.

❖ Note me your request privately in a note on DeviantArt(unless another place has been specified) with any necessary information, explaining your idea for the piece.
❖ By paying the invoice through PayPal, you acknowledge that the commission is digital and will not be physically shipped.
❖ After payment is received: I sketch, color and paint depending on your commission type.

❖ Please be reasonably available during the process in the event that further communication is needed.
❖ A full size, tiny watermark image will be given of the finished artwork. It is necessary that you use a watermark/resized version of the image before sharing publicly.


Extreme fetishes
Hate/offensive art
Overly complex characters/backgrounds


By acquiring my designs by any means(purchase, trading, gifting etc.),
 you automatically agree to the following conditions. 
Please read this entirely and carefully. If there are any questions or concerns, send me a private note.


❖ Payment follows the same rules as above where applicable.


I retain the rights to the intellectual property of the design and reserve the right to create similar designs.
❖ I retain the right to showcase the design as a sample for self-promotion.
I will not reuse/resell the design for personal/commercial projects unless agreed upon.


You may use the character for personal use but not commercial work. This means no putting it into games and such where profit will be made off the design.
As the intellectual property of the design still belongs to me, you may not copy, rip off or make any species out of them.
You may change minor things about the character, like gender, add in a tail, etc. If unsure, simply ask me.
You may not resell the character for more than you bought it for.
You must credit me for the design.
You cannot claim my art or design as your own.
You will receive a high-res of the individual file, no watermark in the middle.

This document can and will be edited at any time without the need of further notice, so please make sure to check it prior to making a request.
Last update: January 13th 2019

© 2016 - 2021 Arvata
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