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Koa Animation - ''Two Scoops, Please!''

By Arvata

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It's finally done!
I've been wanting to try to make a bigger animation for the longest time and wow this was such a fun and crazy journey ;v;
Despite being new to this kind of project, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!

This character is a grem2 named "Koa" who works in a tropical amusement park as an ice cream & souvenir vendor! He's a relaxed and charismatic bab who loves his job and interacting with customers ^^
You can see his TH profile here:

Other artwork of Koa:

Koa © Me
Grem2 © MrGremble 
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© 2020 - 2021 Arvata
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Even the Ferris wheel is timed perfectly

Arvata's avatar
whitefoxdesigns's avatar

Fantastic work! :la: The movement looks so smooth :)

Arvata's avatar

Thank you so much! ;v;/

K-Zlovetch's avatar

You're so so good ! This is fluent and very well made !!!

Arvata's avatar

Thank you so very much!

SUOMAR's avatar
A really solid and well done animation, great job! I especially adore the tail movement and how naturally flowy it looks. You've done an amazing job with the light/shadow moving on the character, too. It definitely brings the animation to a whole new level!
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Thank you so much, I appreciate the feedback a lot! ;v;/

My boyfriend and I just spent the last 30 minutes staring at the animation of this cute boyo makin icecream, absolutely amazing job really love the detail, especially the ferris wheel in the background

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That means so much for me to hear, I'm really happy you like my animation ;v; Thank you so much!
Dragonhead's avatar

Love that tail swinging!

Arvata's avatar
Thank you so much!
MagnumFolf's avatar

Awesome job! I'd love to add sound to it ^^

Arvata's avatar
Thank you very much!
It is a very kind offer, however I think I'd like to keep it as is ;v;/ Thank you nonetheless!
MagnumFolf's avatar

Alrighty, no worries ^^

Maybe in the future perhaps?

Arvata's avatar
I can let you know if I change my mind ^^
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PkingSora's avatar
Arvata's avatar
Thank you!! ;v;
Female-Clearsky-Ask's avatar
Oh god ots a perfect loop-- so satisfying to watch
Arvata's avatar
Thank you so much!
Keali's avatar
Knock knock, Animation studio calling! 

Arvata, this just blew the socks off of me!! I'm just staring hypnotized at this! It's so smooth! The colours are warm, and the entire piece as a mood that's so welcoming! <3 I adore it! <3 

May I ask some technical questions about this?^^ 
Arvata's avatar
Ahhhh gosh thank you so much ;v; It means so much to me to hear!! I am happy with how he turned out as well ^^
And yes sure, what would you like to know?
Keali's avatar
Probably standard questions. The fps is most interesting, and if you did the tail on a separate layer behind the main body. ^^
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