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Not everyone is too happy about the shy, homeless outcast that ravages their garbage cans every night and eats whatever he can get his claws on. A few pity him, others throw careless insults and prefer to chase him off, and once in a while, people get fed up enough to chase him down and teach him a lesson. For someone with a life as unfortunate as Stryder's, food often comes with a heavy price.

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Made in SAI and Photoshop.
Stryder © Me
Grem2 © MrGremble
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Keali's avatar
Stryder I swear! 

<sets down a tent with blankets inside and cooler that has lots of food in them. and a crate of water filters.> 

Please take care of yourself, and don't get caught!! 

This art looks amazing, but it really tears at my heart! ; ; 
Arvata's avatar
Aww this would help him for sure ;v; Poor haunted baby just wants some food and warmth!
Keali's avatar
What's his size? Like, height(when crouched over like this) and length. o.o
Arvata's avatar
Hmmm, I don't have any accurate measurements on him yet, but grem2 are usually between 5-7 feet according to the species information and Stryder is fairly average!
Keali's avatar
thank you!^^
4Mninjago's avatar
Sets plate of food at door step for the bab*
Arvata's avatar
Aww he'll appreciate ;v; It'll be gone the moment you look away!
incomingtrouble's avatar
oh my god i just wanna be his friend ;-;
Arvata's avatar
His trust is incredibly hard to earn but very much worth it!
Naargiss's avatar

OMG This is so realistic! I can actually see it happening! Poor being~

Arvata's avatar
Thank youu ;v; He tries his best!
TheEdgyPupper's avatar
He can eat everything in my house pls let me love him ;O;
Arvata's avatar
He probably WOULD eat everything in your house, watch your belongings @@ The poor fella is almost too starved to distinguish what's edible anymore ;v;
TheEdgyPupper's avatar
Daw the poor bean 
ninjafoxC3's avatar
Awe such a sad poor boy, no dont hurt him!!!
*bundles him up in a soft blanket and gives him a plate of food*
Arvata's avatar
He'd probably wrestle the blanket like a straitjacket like the paranoid fellow that he is XD But if he trusts you and knows he's safe, he'd appreciate it very much ;v; Especially the food!
ninjafoxC3's avatar
Yay!!!! *gives hug*
SquidMage's avatar
nooo don't hurt baby! I'll buy him a meal and a sweater </3
Arvata's avatar
Aww he'd love a meal and a sweater ;v; If he dares to get close enough to use them, that is!
WeaselBanger's avatar
This grem breaks my heart, god damn it OTL
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