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Grem2 Winter Festival 2020

Nothing warms up your body and spirit more than a delicious winter cake on an otherwise cold and snowy day. Fresh out from the oven and decorated to the brim with tasteful treats, this warm frosty piece of art leaves no stomach dissatisfied! The masterpiece is courtesy of Pemma, who is a passionate and talented baker who on more than one occasion ensures the happiness of her friends through her sweet pastries!

:icongremcorps:'s December Prompt featuring :icongabberforth:'s Pemma!

Event journal:
Winter Festival 2020,Art by : @ToothlessEgo

Welcome, each and everyone~In this time of year where the season gets colder, we tend to celebrate good friends, cold weather and warm atmosphere, so we are honoring the changing of the season with some activities! Come join in the various winter festivities that the denizens of Palleth celebrate each winter season! We will be giving out prizes at the end of the event so be sure to come and visit the many sites across the world. We can’t wait to see you there!
☕Come enjoy our free Specialty Grem2 Hot Cocoa™ throughout the event!☕ ,❄️❄️❄️❄️⛄❄️❄️🕯️❄️❄️🕯️❄️❄️⛄❄️❄️❄️❄️______________________________________________________________________________Hello, and welcome to this year's Winter festivalWe put together a simpler event this year to keep things fun and laid back while also giving you guys something to really look forward to. It is a simple draw-to-enter raffle for a variety of prizes. The bonus: you get to draw a little something for someone else and share some love and care with the community!The task this year is to draw/write about someone else's grem partaking in seasonal activities! Please make sure to read the whole journal carefully to make sure your entry counts! Participating will automatically grant entry to a raffle at the end of the event. Prizes for this raffle will include:Warmth trinket (participation reward)Premade grems made by guest artists Hatchl, Fosbat, Kitkaloid, Chimera-milk, Queijac, and Behemutt as well as a couple others!10 MYO slots4 Mutation ticketsThe NPCs are available for anyone to add to their image, however keep in mind that you will still need to have someone else’s grem in the image! To find people who have given permission for their grem to be used in this event, or to give permission for others to use yours, please go to the Offering/Seeking Hub! Grem seeking/Offering Hub 2020 Here are the NPCs!Deadline for entries is January 15We will be rolling the raffle on January 16Once the event ends, we will be rolling raffle numbers in the discord server to pull the winners of the premade grems first, and then will continue with the other prizes for less confusion. However everyone will have an equal chance! One prize per person. If you do not have access to the discord and would like to join, please note the group.______________________________________________________________________________Instructions and Rules:Please be sure to only fill out only one entry into the google forms! However, you are free to make and share more art and literature for the event through deviantart, discord, or elsewhere if you would like.Any users found to be using side accounts to submit multiple entries will be disqualified from future raffles and events.You are required to stick within the art/literature guidelines below when submitting an entry in order for the piece to be accepted, otherwise it will not count.When joining this event, you are agreeing to our TOS and Grem Rules, please be sure to read through them properly in order to understand what you are agreeing to.It is mandatory that all grems are registered under the current usernames in the masterlist in order for them to count. Make sure that any grem used in the image matches the current design on the masterlist as well to avoid confusion.Please make sure to fill out the google form properly when entering your entry for the raffle!When you have gone through the entry requirements and completed your art piece, please fill out the form here carefully: Link to google formOnly one entry per person! You may check to be sure your entry went through by using CTRL+F on this spreadsheet.. Please note that the row your name appears on is not indicative of your number for the roll, as we will be transplanting the list to a custom sheet and removing any duplicates.If you would like to share your entries in the DA group, you can submit them to this folder. This is not mandatory, as entries will be tracked through the google formOnce the event is over, there will be a chance to trade your winnings with other people here(grem and item trading comment)______________________________________________________________________________Art Entry Information and RequirementsYour entry can include as many grems and characters as you wish, with permission.You are not required to draw your own grems, but again please ask permission or use a grem from the Offering/Seeking Hub.All characters need to be visible and easy to see. Blobby or blurry art pieces will not be counted. Depth of field is fine however!Your art can be digital or traditional. Painted, lineless and chibi are acceptable.The entry needs to be finished and meet the requirements below, any unfinished pieces will not be allowed into the raffle!.The use of bases and physical sculptures are also not allowed in this event.Minimum Visual Art requirementsThe grems must be seen celebrating good friends, cold weather fun, warm atmosphere and just enjoying themselves in these cold winter months.Minimum 1 grem in the entry. Maybe they just enjoy some time alone.The main grem (the one being drawn for the other person) must be fullbody unless obscured by items / other characters but they must still show 75% of the grem. There are no limitations on additional characters.Must be clean and coloured.Shading can be kept to simple shading.The background can be simple but cannot be a single colour or gradient, it must be a scene. Partial and platform backgrounds are allowed.Literature Entry Information and RequirementsYour entry can include as many grems and characters as you wish, but please ask permission to use a grem/character that you do not own. There are grems to choose from in the Offering/Seeking HubThe grems must be celebrating good friends, cold weather fun, warm atmosphere and just enjoying themselves in these cold winter months.Minimum 1 grem in the entry. Maybe they just enjoy some time alone.Required to have at least one grem owned by another person included in your story.The entry needs to be finished and meet the requirements below, any unfinished pieces will not be allowed into the raffle!No roleplay between two users as an entry allowed this event.Minimum Literature requirementsAt least 1,000 Words.You must clearly mention the background/atmosphere, activity and the grem(s) and/or the characters involved.______________________________________________________________________________Not sure what to draw for the event?If you are not sure about what theme or activity you would like to do, here are some ideas you can choose from for your image/writing entry~!A latte art class, where the grem2 can express themselves in a latte-art style. Or maybe they are the kind to decorate their hot cocoa cup!Decoration/Ornament making! Having the grem2 make a custom trinket/ornament as decoration for the holidays or maybe even to offer it as a gift.An annual Snowman building competition or a snow fight to warm up and have fun!Making snow angels!Cooking something for the holidays by themselves or with others in the warmth of their home while snow is falling outside of a window.Pie eating competition.Enjoying a good hot beverage while keeping warm by the fireplace.FESTIVE KARAOKE~!You are able to deviate from these options of course if you have an idea of your own! But make sure it has to do with a general winter seasonal theme!______________________________________________________________________________:FAQ:Can I join this event?This is public and free for all, anyone can join!Can I enter for a friend?Of course! However you may not enter for yourself or have anyone enter for you in this case. When filling out the form, there will be an area to write the name of a friend you are entering for.Are Collabs allowed?They are not in this event.What is the smallest we can draw when it comes to our entry?We recommend not working smaller than a 200x200 pixel canvasIs this a free draw-to-adopt raffle?Yes! The entry you make will provide you a number which will be rolled at the end with the possibility to win a prize.If you have any further questions then feel free to ask them in the comment section below!Lastly please be sure to have fun!! This event is primarily meant to spread the love in art form, so enjoy yourselves and have a good time drawing!❄️❄️❄️❄️⛄❄️❄️🕯️❄️❄️🕯️❄️❄️⛄❄️❄️❄️❄️

Grem2 © MrGremble 
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This is so adorable ;v;

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Thank you so much! ;v;/

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the tears of joy in my eyes flow forth YOU DREW HER SO CUTE

her pondering over the cake is something she would do cause she would be perfectionistic of treats for her dear friends and others who wish to partake - no stomach will be left empty with her around ; o ;

this really made me so happy to see, YOURE TOO GOOD AAA

<333 ; w ;

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She was so fun to draw and she's such a cute grum!! I'm glad she turned out accurately ;v;