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A Tropical Sunset

By Arvata
First-time neb-owner here! Drew my nebber for the very first time ;v;
Her name is Kia, and due to her birth token being of tropical origin, she is by nature immensely fond of warmth and tropical climates. I really like her design!
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Made in SAI and PS.
Kia © Me
Nebular Nomads © Thalliumfire
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© 2017 - 2021 Arvata
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This looks incredible omg
You did an amazing job
Arvata's avatar
Ahh thank you so much! ^^
llStaraill's avatar
You're welcome uwu
Loving the background imagery of this. I always imagined scenery to be harder to do than characters, but my view is an inexperienced one. Aside from that, you really captured colors and blinding effect (in a good way) of the sunset.
Arvata's avatar
Ahhh thank you ; ;  It means a lot to me to hear!
To me, the difficulty of the scenery mostly depends on the setting @@ I feel that most often, the character will be the main focus in the picture while a lot of the scenery is blurred, so while the composition still needs to be carefully thought through, it's not as hard on the smaller scenery details.
Yeah, character focus tends to be the main eye catcher of most anything, so the blur effect and in a sense, less difficulty on the scenery because of less focus, makes sense. I just always imagined scenery to be harder due to my inexperience and characters having definitive lines in how they should be shaped, rather than the less definitive shapes and lines of some forms of scenery.
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Ohh that's true, you can either paint or use lineart for a background ^^ I'm not even sure which way is the easiest XD Painted backgrounds allow for more freedom and "looser" details while lineart sort of feels safer in that it makes the details absolute. Both of them sure have their own ways of making the piece look great.
Thalliumfire's avatar
ohh that is a really lovely picture!! : D
Arvata's avatar
Thank you so muchhh!! ^^
KTK-Fold's avatar
this is gorgeous and i have no bias due to them sharing my online name... not at all >.>

wonderful background work <3
Arvata's avatar
Ahhh thank you for your nice comment! ; ; And totally not XD Kia is a good name :heart:
GoredGuar's avatar
This is gorgeous! Love the warm feel and the way the composition really draws your eye round the piece :D
Arvata's avatar
Ahh thank you so much! ^^
Gabberforth's avatar
you can really feel the warmth from the sun in such a beautiful paradise, this piece is truly amazing ;v;
Arvata's avatar
Thank youuu ; ; I really did hope it'd be an atmospheric piece!
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