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Last year I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to work on a dragon book for Scholastic by way of Becker&Mayer Books. I got to take a crack at designing 16 different mythical dragons from all over the world for a book called Sink Your Teeth Into Dragons.

This is the Zilant, a mighty snake dragon. From my understanding a town gathered all their serpents for a mass burning (not how I would solve a snake problem but whatever). This dragon was supposed to have risen from the burn pit, like a vengeful snake mess. I thought it would be cool if it had long, spiny scales that when it moved might look like a horde of snakes. Also before you ask, it definitely cannot close its mouth very well. I was quite pleased with the results on this one, tried some techniques on it that were pretty new to me at the time.

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Photoshop CC: 12 hours
Illustration©Becker&Mayer Books


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I freaking love this thing. I can imagine the fangs folding backwards like they do on rattlesnakes, except many, many rows of them. XD Beautiful!
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I think this is the best one in the whole set. Love it !

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I love Zilants.
stellartcorsica's avatar
Really impressive !
Dee-Nay-She's avatar
I really like this! The story of the Zilant is itself so cool!
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The way that mouth is stretched with the fangs pointing out reminds me of a western diamond back rattlesnake strike.
Laaleh's avatar
lol can't close his mouth ^^
So it's running around with always his mouth open?
OviraptorFan's avatar
Probably partially open, essentially it can probably never fully close its jaws so it keeps it slightly open when not in use.
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Now that is one badass dragon, if I do say so myself. (And indeed I do say so myself, because it looks awesome!)
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The mouth reminds me a lot of both snakes and frilled sharks, loving the design :D
Zilant but deadly...
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B-but the zilant is supposed to have legs..
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It's his own take on the Dragon.
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The teeth and spikes are freaking epic! Amazing picture.
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Did anybody else except for me noticed the resemblance between this guy and the Dalamadur (Shah Dalamadur to be precise) from the Monster Hunter franchise? y'know, like how both of em are big serpentine dragon thingies that are covered with spike and are related to fire. And considering the fact that he made arts about Monster Hunter before, it wont be too far of a stretch to say that at least SOME inspirations was taken here.
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I would say they are both based off the same Legendary dragon and the concept of snakes instead of this picture being based off the Monster Hunter creature.

Edit: also be very careful about posting "this looks like *this thing that shares the same features cause they were based off the same concepts*" cause it can actually be considered super rude to the artist.
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I'm TERRIBLY sorry for my mindless action. And I'm grateful of you for pointing that out for me.
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Cool but scary!
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this is terrifying 
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