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Finally I got around to doing my favorite Pokemon.  Tyrantrum has edged out Bulbasaur as my all time favorite.  Its almost like it was made for me, it's a T. rex, red, and a dragon, which are like all of my favorite things.  I've been wanting to draw him for months.  Also, I decided to do a stupid amount of work on it, look at all those scales and bones, I'm pretty dumb.  At least it turned out pretty awesome.  Now the flavor text:

Tyrantrum is the largest prehistoric terrestrial carnivore currently known to science.  First discovered over a century ago, only recently recently has there been the technology to revive the fossilized bone.  Paleontologists had only started to theorize that it may have had some feathers only to be completely surprised by the ostentatious made of feathers adorning its shoulders.  Another astonishing characteristic was the bold scaly beard-like soft tissue.  It appears that Tyrantrums use this "beard" to intimidate rivals by flaring it out making their already enormous jaws appear that much larger.  Females of the species often have much smaller beards and seldom use them for display.  Living Tyrantrums have earned the nickname "despot" as they are a very aggressive species, often seen hassling all manner of other pokemon and forcing them out of its territory.  Tyrantrum is the best pokemon so he gets his way.

Tyrunt fossils were long thought to be a related, but entirely different from Tyrantrum.  It has only recently through the aid of revived fossil advancements that it was discovered Tyrunts are in fact young Tyrantrums.  Much like their older counterparts, Tyrunts are very belligerent.  In fact they are known to erupt into fits of selfish tantrums when they perceive that they aren't getting their way.  They are also known to be mischievous little bastards.  As shown here a cocksure Tyrunt has coaxed a Bastiodon into attacking him knowing full well that daddy Tyrantrum would come to the rescue and kill it.  I bet that Tyrunt just wanted Bastiodon steaks for dinner, what cheeky little cutey.

Bastiodon has been confirmed to be the ancestor to the modern day Aggron.  Bastiodon are especially defensive, sporting dense scaly armor and boney osterderms for added protection.  In maturity, Bastiodon tend to be reclusive, wandering in search of food.  They exhibit a very grumpy personality and dont take shit from nobody, you here that.  Although Tyrantrum's mighty quakes might be a problem for Bastiodon...

You can see this without animation here.


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Pogonasaur's avatar
I saw this while hanging out with my bearded dragon and noticed the “beardie” touch on the lower jaw! Nice job, I love these designs.
LordWeaselton's avatar
Game Freak needs to hire you for their next Pokemon game
Kungfu-Dinosaur's avatar
KEK, "cheeky little cutey"
Eldertyrant682's avatar
Tyrun looks like a dodo bird
MonsterMasher137's avatar
OH MY GOD! Tyrantrum's meh fav too!
UnicornLover2500's avatar
awesome drawing of Trantrum , Tyrun and Bastiodon. 
Night-Dragon-009's avatar
thats so cool! I like the way it fades into the skeleton!
TLM1743's avatar
OMG!! WOW!! Scarily beautiful!
Major justice done for my favorite pokemon. Great job!
Apparently T-Rexes didn't have fluffy feathers. They were bristly like those of a cassowary.…
TeraTheFeathernazi's avatar
This is based on a pokemon, not T. rex.
but the pokemon is based on a t rex
TeraTheFeathernazi's avatar
And the pokemon has feathers.
Bottom line is, doesn't matter because it's not a real animal.
I was just pointing out something I saw online lol
TeraTheFeathernazi's avatar
TyrannosaurusLives00's avatar
Eh, this isn't Tyrannosaurus, so I'd say he can get away with it.
but it's based on one
TyrannosaurusLives00's avatar
Maybe he wasn't as experienced in evolutionary biology at this time?
true. this was a recent finding
also make a drawing just for tyrunt
I love it! could you do a version completely feathered? because why not?
Flipperturtle80's avatar
U made my fav fossil Pokémon even better 
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