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Tyrannosaurus rex-2016



A buddy of mine, FredtheDinosaurman has been doing new dinosaur art for Wikipedia because a ton of isn't very good, so I thought I would join in the fun. I did this illustration for the Tyrannosaurus page to demonstrate all the newest information while not being another boring profile view. Does anyone else get bored with how most drawings of dinosaurs are in pure profile or is it just me? Anyways here's my rex with all of the most modern science applied. If dinosaurs ever got common names, I would nominate Tyrannosaurus be called a Grizzlyhawk.

T. rex 2015
Saurian-Tyrannosaurus rex by arvalis 
T. rex 2014
Fluffy Rex by arvalis 
T. rex 2012
Some Cool Dinosaurs by arvalis
T. rex 2010
A Girl and Her Pet by arvalis 
T. rex 2009
Speed Paint 03 by arvalis
T. rex 2007
The Mightiest of Beasts by arvalis

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YEAH!!! It's the same thing with Cats, wolves, seals! (And even hippos if we wanna really convince them!) just because it's not scary does mean it can maul the fuck out you!