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Tyrannosaurus rex-2016

A buddy of mine, FredtheDinosaurman has been doing new dinosaur art for Wikipedia because a ton of isn't very good, so I thought I would join in the fun. I did this illustration for the Tyrannosaurus page to demonstrate all the newest information while not being another boring profile view. Does anyone else get bored with how most drawings of dinosaurs are in pure profile or is it just me? Anyways here's my rex with all of the most modern science applied. If dinosaurs ever got common names, I would nominate Tyrannosaurus be called a Grizzlyhawk.

T. rex 2015
Saurian-Tyrannosaurus rex by arvalis 
T. rex 2014
Fluffy Rex by arvalis 
T. rex 2012
Some Cool Dinosaurs by arvalis
T. rex 2010
A Girl and Her Pet by arvalis 
T. rex 2009
Speed Paint 03 by arvalis
T. rex 2007
The Mightiest of Beasts by arvalis

Photoshop CC: 20-25 hours
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Ahora soy nuevo aquí amigos

Esa imagen es buena amigo

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por cierto es increible

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esta ilustracion la pusieron en un libro

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YouMadEtertainment just leave me the fuck alone and let me learn go do whatever you want your opinion doesn't change reality...

i will get life but i want you to get brain the only thing you can do is just block me like you did now you cant do what makes us special as species and that is having logic you just don't like paleontology...if you don't get the fuck out of here and don't care about it but don't try to change reality with your opinion not even god can do that in religion

have a good day and think again before saying stupid things...LEARN before you talk about this and make questions.....if for example you don't know 2+2=4 then ask someone <<2+2=?>> and don't say <<2+2=6 fuck you>>

blocking me did not make you not winner either.....nature is

selfish bastards

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When you don’t feed your bird on time for 0.0001 seconds

this is a cool and real look rex

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Me: Oh boy this is an amazing looking rex. I wonder what everyone else thinks? *looks in comments*

Me: O.O

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DjGodary and DrakoND you know you are wrong and you don't accept it your fucking opinions don't change anything it's funny how you think you like science but you just ignore it and instead of showing evidence that dinosaurs never existed because there is no evidence about that you block me just to avoid reality you are little bitches that afraid of a 16 year old who watches anime because i made you cry like little shits you are instead of facing me like intelligent men with logic you block me

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I will be referencing this. Thx.

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whats with a tongue >-<

Did DjGodary block me? I mean I probably should have expected as much but wow.

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YouMadEtertainment is bastard too like those two and can't accept reality and can only block his enemies.....maybe it's DjGodary or DarkoND in different acount....welp they are selfish fuckers and no one cares about them they are alone with terrible life and just want to fight someone to feel better so they came here

Stop replying to them man at this point its very clear they just want to get a reaction out of people. They're either trolls saying this just to piss people off or they are genuine idiots. In either case its best to just ignore them.

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you know what? you are right......

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he blocked me too same goes for DrakoND guys please for your own health ignore people like that it's no use i wasted time for two stupid creatures just study and learn about what you like people like them

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Blocked me as well, what a sad cunt lmao

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Life is way too short to be wasted on failed abortions such as yourselves. Also no one gives a fuck here who got blocked or not so stop spamming your irrelevancy on other people's pages. It's natural that you got blocked. Fuck off and get a life.

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Might as well call it a pokemon instead of a dinosaur since in reality reptiles don't have feathers, never had and never will. There is still to this day not too much proof what they really looked like, how many were there on this planet etc, since the fossil findings are incomplete and most of them fake/manufactured. Corporations just make money one them and come up with stupid "new findings" and package it as fact just to milk the hyped people. So far the most accurate dinosaur that was found preserved in ice was a raptor type and it was confirmed to be a reptile, no feathers whatsoever but even that one had missing body parts. This feather agenda originates from china where they botched together few species and carved feather like imbedings into the stone and they kept it secretive from the world, no one could touch it or analise it. Later the obvious truth came out that it was all fake findings. They made it up just so people visit their museums and make money off of it. So much about accuracy and facts. I wouldn't be surprised if someone comes up with some crap how bats are also birds and have fathers and label it as fact in this land of the idiots where anyone with money and power can make up fairy tales and call it facts just to make more money from it or cause mass hysteria or just for s--ts and giggles or what ever their minds comes up with.
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A look a delusional creationist.

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Genes and feather cells exist-

outside sources have analyzed them, not all dinosaurs had feathers of course. And it’s not completely proven that the Rex had them either, there has been mixed results, one specimen showing feather cells and impressions on the skin, another showing scaly skin. But still, you have an opinion/belief and that’s fine but do not get butthurt about it on an art thread!

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The only butthurt here are the lobotomized kids and dream dwellers who believe in media fairytales. When someone speaks the truth and points out facts the typical response is acting agressive and the victim at the same time like it will solve anything. These individuals are sick and need help, however this ain't the place for such things. If anything I shouldn't ever come here and leave a comment, even tho I was provoked to do so. This isn't just art, it was pushed as fact and got stale before it even aired. Should've known better and ignored it as a whole and moved on. Typical consumer clickbait drama over pointless dogshit just to gather attention and fake trafic. Enough is enough. Live and learn I guess to just ignore things and move pass it.

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