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Tyrannosaurus rex-2016

By arvalis
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A buddy of mine, FredtheDinosaurman has been doing new dinosaur art for Wikipedia because a ton of isn't very good, so I thought I would join in the fun. I did this illustration for the Tyrannosaurus page to demonstrate all the newest information while not being another boring profile view. Does anyone else get bored with how most drawings of dinosaurs are in pure profile or is it just me? Anyways here's my rex with all of the most modern science applied. If dinosaurs ever got common names, I would nominate Tyrannosaurus be called a Grizzlyhawk.

T. rex 2015
Saurian-Tyrannosaurus rex by arvalis 
T. rex 2014
Fluffy Rex by arvalis 
T. rex 2012
Some Cool Dinosaurs by arvalis
T. rex 2010
A Girl and Her Pet by arvalis 
T. rex 2009
Speed Paint 03 by arvalis
T. rex 2007
The Mightiest of Beasts by arvalis

Photoshop CC: 20-25 hours
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Dinofan1New Deviant

this is a cool and real look rex

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Me: Oh boy this is an amazing looking rex. I wonder what everyone else thinks? *looks in comments*

Me: O.O

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DjGodary and DrakoND you know you are wrong and you don't accept it your fucking opinions don't change anything it's funny how you think you like science but you just ignore it and instead of showing evidence that dinosaurs never existed because there is no evidence about that you block me just to avoid reality you are little bitches that afraid of a 16 year old who watches anime because i made you cry like little shits you are instead of facing me like intelligent men with logic you block me

blocking me while trying to explain how we know about the existence of dinosaurs automatically proves that i am right and you don't wanna accept it because you are SELFISH and DON'T ACCEPT REALITY and then you say that you like science AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! If you like science you mother fuckers then listen to scientifically papers carefully try to learn things and based on your own knowledge make the conclusions but of course little bitches like you are just not accepting reality and you ignore our ancestors that worked so hard to explain not only these creatures but science in general

so the better thing to do is to get some intelligence and then be humans i will get a life and a better one than your's but you will need to get some brain inside your empty skulls

DrakoND this is for me about DjGodary's comment you peace of garbage:

man did i said that i don't care about science? stop judging people about what they like i don't see a rule anywhere that says <<if you like anime you hate science>> or the oposite i even try to be on science side if you readed the comment that i answered to you will understand

you people are just fucking stupid...who am i kidding even stupid people understand what im trying to do here and that is teach that guy about the difference of a myth and something that existed and humans never met and try to prove him how we know about dinosaurs existance

can you act like humans for once in your lives? i've never met garbages like all you before

i like anime but i also like pleontology, natural history, biology and astronomy please next time be more careful now fuck off and i hope your tiny brain got something in it now and that is how to act properly

yesterday i found a baby mantis it was scared of me but when it got used to me it just relaxed near me and i have to say that this little guy was way more intelligent than you

go die you mother fucking bitch

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CarolingRaptorStudent Traditional Artist

I will be referencing this. Thx.

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LightsourceHero Digital Artist
whats with a tongue >-<
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Did DjGodary block me? I mean I probably should have expected as much but wow.

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he blocked me too same goes for DrakoND guys please for your own health ignore people like that it's no use i wasted time for two stupid creatures just study and learn about what you like people like them

w i l l d i e i n t h e f u t u r e a n d t h e w o r l d w i l l b e a g o o d p l a c e

over the years we change as species and want to learn more about reality these two guys are just ledtovers that will go extinct

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Jenga9ElevenHobbyist General Artist

Blocked me as well, what a sad cunt lmao

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Life is way too short to be wasted on failed abortions such as yourselves. Also no one gives a fuck here who got blocked or not so stop spamming your irrelevancy on other people's pages. It's natural that you got blocked. Fuck off and get a life.

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DjGodaryProfessional General Artist
Might as well call it a pokemon instead of a dinosaur since in reality reptiles don't have feathers, never had and never will. There is still to this day not too much proof what they really looked like, how many were there on this planet etc, since the fossil findings are incomplete and most of them fake/manufactured. Corporations just make money one them and come up with stupid "new findings" and package it as fact just to milk the hyped people. So far the most accurate dinosaur that was found preserved in ice was a raptor type and it was confirmed to be a reptile, no feathers whatsoever but even that one had missing body parts. This feather agenda originates from china where they botched together few species and carved feather like imbedings into the stone and they kept it secretive from the world, no one could touch it or analise it. Later the obvious truth came out that it was all fake findings. They made it up just so people visit their museums and make money off of it. So much about accuracy and facts. I wouldn't be surprised if someone comes up with some crap how bats are also birds and have fathers and label it as fact in this land of the idiots where anyone with money and power can make up fairy tales and call it facts just to make more money from it or cause mass hysteria or just for s--ts and giggles or what ever their minds comes up with.
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do you know that the first dinosaur was discovered 200 years ago? when something is fake it cannot change with new discoveries and a lie cannot carry on for such long and constantly change plus back then they didn't have the technology aquired to make these things for example loch ness monster was just made by someone who claimed that he saw it we could not find out about it's appearence because it simply doesn't and never existed plus if they don't exist why so many years are constanly changing? Everyone loved the scaly monster dinosaurs from back then so if they are made up why are they made in a way that some people don't like? aka the REAL scientific way? Just shut up and go study the only thing you are able to and that is religion you simply not made to learn new things birds have the same general body plan with dinosaurs they are not called avian dinosaurs for nothing

thankgod people like you are decreasing in numbers if you don't wanna learn or know about something or you DONT LIKE something just simply ignore it thats what i do i don't know a lot about the biology doctors are studied nor i want to so i just not learn about it i don't tell them that what they are doing is fake you jsut cannot prove dinosaurs didn't exist so just say right now you don't like paleontology then delete this comment that no one is gonna believe because i can only see people who try to learn things unlike you and never ever see new things about extinct creatures

why? Because simply you don't care no one forced you to do this

you cannot just snap your fingers and make fossils appear all around the planet burried under the surface

don't even reply back to me except if you changed from the time you wrote this comment or if you want to say <<sorry>> or <<you are right i don't like paleontology and i don't care about it thats why im saying these things that make no sense>>

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DjGodaryProfessional General Artist

Most people live in a lie for centuries so your 200 years is a fart in the wind compared to all that. There are tons of fake countries that have people who don't know their own original roots nor give a shit about learning for centuries yet we talk about this 200 year old crap like it matters anything while the conversation is pretty much over soon as I wrote the first comment stating the reality of the situation. Don't lecture me about fossils seen them plenty times for ages and seen what is being discovered, what manufactured and what is being hidden from the public and illegaly smuggled into other countries mainly UK, Germany and USA since they have the highest bidders. Criminal parasites with tons of money that they don't know what to start with so they buy fake throfies to show off to their closed fake friends to satify their low value of complexities. So find someone else to lecture about age and other crap since I don't really care. Instead of sorry I will tell you to fuck off and get a life kid since you have fuck ton to learn about this world. You are not even at ......00000000000,1% of it. Or just go back to your shitty animes and clickbait articles about irrelevant garbage feed your ego there and STFU. Leave the more complex things alone since your brain is too limited for it. So enjoy the blocklist alongside the other failed abortions who bothered to reply and cry about corporate toxic garbage fairitales that you so desperately protect like your life depends upon it. FUCK OFF KIDS AND GET A LIFE

KostasGamer's avatar

see? i was right that you just don't care

if paleontology is not your thing i recomend you something......JUST IGNORE IT YOU PIECE OF SHIT

if you want you can believe that man is made out of dirt it doesn't matter because one opinion cannot change reality the people who are studying these things don't give a fuck about your opinion nor mine people back then may have lived in a lie but from our perspective for them it was real until they found more things

also stop being a selfish bastard because we here like things that we don't i will get a life after you get a fucking brain there are lots of ways to impress your friends by making something impresive or drawing something beautiful aka what people did from the very beginning of our species but of course that won't go through your empty little head i despise people like you that are just saying bad things for people that like something that you don't and even when others try to explain them something calmly they still are acting like stupid little kids

if you like chemistry go study that if you like maths go study maths if you DON'T LIKE physics just ignore it no one forced you to do something you call ME a kid when i tried to explain something to you calmly and you instead of just apologising for the bullshit you typed with your dirty fingers you just talk shit about all of us because we like something you don't and talking like that also shows that you even don't care about our ancestors that because of them we live a better and easier life instead of getting killed by wild animals and deseases and even if you say <<im in internet i can do whatever i want>> it doesn't even matter because you are still talking to people like you do in real life

now choose from these two things:

1. just understand that it's wrong to shit talk to other people because they like something you don't

2. just go fuck yourself and never talk with me again i like to talk with real people not garbage like you i bet you even lost friends by being such a useless shit in this world

here you cannot understand the difference between a myth and something real that doesn't exist anymore and you are trying to make me believe that you know more things about this world? hahahahaha good joke my friend i like your humor

also i just want you to know that im 16 years old and i don't give a fuck about your opinion i only try to learn about things i like and yes i watch anime is there any problem with that? If yes then why are you still talking to me?

ooh i know why.....

because someone else in the past proved you are wrong and you are angry

DarkoND's avatar

KostasGamer Fuck off kid and get a life for once. Go back to your hentai garbage and leave science to people who actually understand it and spare the world with your presence, dig a hole and just fucking die, no one gives a fuck about failed abortions such as yourself.

DenyTheWitch's avatar

You got issues man.

Also Feathered dinosaurs have been found all over the world, in America and Germany and China etc, their fossils are available to research and not cobbled together. Also by most definitions both Mammals and Birds are also Reptiles, in the sense that both are descendent's of common reptile ancestors, Reptile is actually a very broad term that doesn't really refer to a specific clade or family. For example Dinosaurs and Birds are part of the Avemetatarsalia clade, which is actually separate from the Pseudosuchia that includes Crocodiles, but both are part of the larger Archosaur Clade, which is in turn separate from the Lepidosauria Clade that includes modern snakes, skinks and lizards etc.

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DjGodaryProfessional General Artist
The only people who have issues are the ones believing in fairytales corporations sell. Bye.
DenyTheWitch's avatar

Ah I see, you're one of those people who just ignores any evidence that contradicts you own opinions.

DjGodary's avatar
DjGodaryProfessional General Artist
Educate your self and overall do world a favor and just fuck off.
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Jenga9ElevenHobbyist General Artist

You do realise “reptile” is an outdated term, right? From back when animals were classified based on physical characteristics, instead genetic and taxonomic data. Birds and reptiles share a common ancestor, and we should be referring to them all as lepidosaurs. Maybe you should educate yourself, and stop being a cunt

DjGodary's avatar
DjGodaryProfessional General Artist

The only lost lobotomized idiot here is you. Learn to be a realist. Chances are dinosaurs didn't even exist especially in shapes or forms they are portaited and in numbers the corporations push desperately. There are barely any evidence of what they looked like. The Velociraptor that was only found in one piece frozen in ice was a reptile, had scales and even that was was missing few pieces of it's body. The rest is manufactured shit for entertainment purposes that naive idiots buy into. So good luck living in your dellusional shitty life that no one sane cares about and have fun feeding the corporations. Like I said just fuck off back to your pokemons.

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KattenthecatHobbyist General Artist
This looks awesome and accurate too!!! Especially with the snout bc the teeth probably didn’t stick out but were hidden like modern animals. Good work ^_^
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This isn't accurate, never was nor it will. Dinosaurs are not pokemons. Reptiles don't have feathers. Learn the difference and alone on that you will see what is the truth or isn't in the stupid media.

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President-PliosaurusHobbyist Traditional Artist
Not accurate anymore. not anymore 
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This may be out dated but I still think it looks badass
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