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-The Old Ones Shall Be-

"The Old Ones were, the Old Ones are, and the Old Ones shall be." - "The Dunwich Horror"

Seemed like a fitting quote from H.P. Lovecraft. More advanced perspective homework. There technically is an easter egg here, but its not really hidden; H.P. Lovecraft is in the picture. Tried to do something more speedy than normal this time, hope you like it.

Advanced Perspective Week 5

PhotoshopCS3: 10 hours
Cthulhu©H.P. Lovecraft
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Cthulu's hadow has been casted over Insmouth
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Lovecraft's in the foreground, right?
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But which one is he? Is he among the frightened masses fleeing away from the action, or is he the well-dressed gentleman to the right, holding himself with confidence and quiet contemplation in the face of cosmic horror, pen in hand, ready to document this ungodly event?
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Welp,  we're doomed. 
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No we're not. Cthulhu's father is there, and he's gonna give him a stern talking to.

(I'm talking about Lovecraft, by the way)
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Oh, I found Lovecraft in the picture! *-*
Well, some days ago I started to read some of Lovecraft's works, are amazing
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Call of Cthulhu anyone?
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Bow down before the Great Cthulhu!
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Strange he doesn't have hands, by the way. Oo
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Everyone is running in terror except for one old Italian guy.  

"Put on some pants, ya' freak!"
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Old Italian guy?  You mean HP Lovecraft?
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Ha, no.  I meant some stereotype from New York who is so jaded that this sort of event doesn't bother him.  He's not in the picture, he's a slightly balding, fat guy in a wife beater standing off to the side.

I think Lovecraft would have thrown himself into the ocean if he discovered one day that he was Italian, given his awful 1920's racism.  
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That is absolutely amazing
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the light house is in southwold not dunwich, but this is an accurate and cool picture of the town I used holiday in being attack by the dark lord XD
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Oh cool!  Very nice.
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Very nice! I like your Cthulhu, the fact that he's mostly silhouette. Keeps him mysterious. Nice touch adding in HP as well.
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