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December 19, 2017
-T. rex vs Triceratops- by arvalis
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-T. rex vs Triceratops-

I was lucky enough to be asked to do this for Sideshow Collectibles based on their T. rex and their Triceratops statues, which are wonderful by the way. I had the opportunity to try a lot of new techniques here because the subject matter was pretty comfort zone and I think it really paid off because I learned a ton. Even though I spent a billion hours on the main guys, I think I'm most pleased with the tiny little lizard(chamops) in the bottom right corner. How dare they have the gall to fight on top of his log. I'd also like to imagine the T. rex is pushing a fart out of the trike. 

This was done as a limited edition print run for Sideshow Collectibles, which you can preorder here… 


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Photoshop CC: 45 hours


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IIIIIIIIIIT’s Lunch time!

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increible lo realista que es

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Wonderful piece to an iconic fight.

Awesome job with this artwork! It looks amazing, not just the battle but also the details like the smaller creatures caught in the crossfire.

excellent job for the way you've done the skin and the detailing. You ever do commission work?

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I do on occasion, shoot me a note with your idea and budget

This deviation pairs very nicely w/anthon500's "T Rex Feeding Scene". They're almost like before & after shots of the same scene:

T Rex Feeding Scene
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Could I use this picture in a blog?

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dat is what i call epicness

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Thats unforgetable

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I love Both of these dinosaurs

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I wanted to see this battle as a kid. 
beautifully rendered!!
This art is awesome. check out this one:…
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*stares for a minute* I'm pretty sure luck had little to do with you getting this gig. Incredible detail.
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I wish i could travel back in time, just to watch this and then get the hell out of there asap!!!! :)
Very nice!
Bet ya that if anything happen to be even remotely close to the area, it'd sound like a mini thunderstorm was going on.
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Move over! This here is the REAL Sharptooth, estimated to give dying sauropods 15 less minutes of time to say goodbye to their offspring!

Oh and it's also an animal, it doesn't kill anything it dislikes
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holy mother of god
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Okay, I've got a very dirty mind, as it looks like the T. rex and Triceratops are having sex.
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by the looks of things it doesn't look like loving sex
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