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T. rex Jack-O


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I do not think the jack-o pose was meant for dinosaurs. A couple folks have asked if it's a 3D model. It is not, I do not know any 3D software at all. It is however pretty significantly photobashed. Meaning after the sketch I used photo elements to paint over. The whole thing took about 2 hours start to finish.

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       BotM-Triceratops horridus by arvalis  -T. rex vs Triceratops- by arvalis 


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UnGojiraSapiente's avatar

you know, they say it's not good to anthropomize animals, but that Tyrannosaurus has to have the saddest face i've ever seen.

good artwork btw.

Hey, when will this picture's photobashing tutorial be released? :p

Nice work

Jimbowyrick1's avatar

That's Sue, near her end, struggling to just stand up and find something to eat.


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reynaruina's avatar

There ws an attempt XD Great model btw!

arvalis's avatar

Its not a model, this is entirely 2d

GioGIo987's avatar

You know you got skills when you fool people thinking it's a 3d model

reynaruina's avatar

Wow, that's very impressive!! It looks like a 3D model :O

Mate397's avatar

Well this was something I didn't expect to see today

MistingWolf's avatar

Hahaha! So this is amazing. Saw it in a youtube video the other day, was wondering where they got the image since the style seemed familiar.

Trimondius01's avatar

"Degenerates like you belong on a cross"

TrufanNekiaWilson's avatar

This made me double take when saw it in my watchlist lol!

WilyWyvern's avatar

This one, it's nice.

William-Tael's avatar

Hot... I mean... What is going on with me...

bloop284's avatar

still looks painful

angrybird454's avatar

I have a feeling.. you've started a terrible trend... of dino fans

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Ciroko's avatar

Ahhhhhh pls put nsfw, I was in college and my teachers almost saw it.

neonblox12's avatar

time to get the lotion and tissues

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