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Commissioned by Mgiceman31 and ZarxielZerg  

Outwardly it would appear that Steelix is related to the likes of Arbok and Seviper, however it is much closer in relation to Snivy or Scraggy.  Unlike the sub-adult, known as Onix, Steelix presents with a lustrous metallic sheen throughout its scales.  In a process that takes many years in the wild, the Steelix has its pebble-like scales and massive osteoderms polished by the rough subterranean environment it frequents.  It was not until an advancement in abrasive blasting techniques from the Johto region that trainers were able to speed up this process.  By coming into possession of a very rare abrasive, a trainer may give their Onix to a specialist capable of sanding down the scales thus giving the Pokemon its "metal coat".  Whether the specialist gives the Steelix back to the trainer is up to their discretion.  So you better not give your lovingly raised Onix to a turd-burger.

Aside from the dull grey scales of Onix, there are several other key traits separating it from the more mature Steelix.  Most noticeable is the up to five foot tall osteoderm on the dorsal surface of the head.  This "horn" does not grow back once broken and becomes more fragile as it ages, making it exceedingly rare to ever see a Steelix displaying the iconic feature.  Wild caught and captive bred Onix rarely ever become what one would classify as Steelix.  This is likely a result of the Pokemon being taken out of their ordinarily harsh coarse environment.  This Onix in particular appears to have bitten off more than he could chew when invading the territory of a dominant male Steelix.

Heatran are very rare and very resilient Pokemon repeatedly dealing with the actions of much larger species without taking much harm.  They are something of a scientific fascination, exhibiting a few distinctive traits.  Aside from possessing a unique type classification, it is one of the very few legendary Pokemon to have documented sexual characteristics.  When Heatran was first discovered it was thought to have five legs, however this specimen was later identified as just being male.

Haxorus, being an adult dragon class Pokemon is unusual in that it is predominantly an herbivore.  Despite being visually similar to its relative Aggron, it is a more basal Pokemon having persisted for millions of years in the new world region of Unova.  There is some fossil evidence that suggests it may have been a contemporary to Bastiodon and Tyrantrum.  While the infant, Axew, and adolescent, Fraxure, are somewhat uncommon in the wild, Haxorus is very difficult to find.  As a result little is known about their wild social structure or behavior. 

Sableye a small, misunderstood Pokemon.  As with almost all cases of ghost sighting, they were Pokemon mistaken for ghosts by weary travelers in poor lighting conditions.  Sableyes are fascinated by shiny objects, especially minerals and ores.  They can predominantly be found in caverns or mines in search of such treasures.  Once procured they lick the gems, coating them in their adhesive saliva and place them on their fur for decoration.  In rare occurrences Sableyes will happen upon a very large precious stone doing everything in their power to hold onto it.  They even hide behind it should they be in danger instead of fleeing.  These special Sabeleye are sometimes jokingly referred to as "Mega Sableyes".  Sableye have been seen on or around Steelix, as they disrupt so much earth that precious shiny things frequently get lodged in their armor and Sableyes have just got to get their grubby little hands on it. 


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Why must you always insist on ruining my favorite Pokémon??

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your art is trash btw, lmao.

how is it ruining them ? Do you know what that project even is ?

GoyangiStudios32's avatar

you mean to tell me you’re NOT upset with how Haxorus looks like a frickin triceratops when it’s based on a CARNIVOROUS dinosaur?? Or that Heatran doesn’t horrify you?

Ursidaesart2's avatar

You've never seen a triceratops.

themoldysausage's avatar

D'aww, Lil Sableye

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That scale texture is MYTHICAL! Is it hand-drawn or what?

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This is incredible!!
SuperSpartanPikachu's avatar

it was thought heatran had five legs, until yhey realized it was male. Lol

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Ha ha... turd burger
Jackfrost-300-truefr's avatar
Snakes? I kinda see onix as a giant boulder stacked together with eyes
Mila2014's avatar

Your monsters are amazing!
BionicleImmortal's avatar
Have you ever thought about doing a realistic Genesect?
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That one would be tricky. I'd have to design kabutops first since I believe its alluded to that genesect is basically a cyborg kabutops fossil.

FloridanPhotographer's avatar
Huh, awesome reimagining! Sorta reminds me of the Amorbis worms from Metroid Prime 2, these versions.
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anybody else see  the lil purple thing behind the steelix?
Ai-Laau's avatar
It's a Sableye
Ai-Laau's avatar
And the one in the middle is a Mega Sableye
Olmagon's avatar
Are you suggesting that heatran’s important bits are big enough to look like legs?
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I really like the little Sableyes :D
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