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Speed Paint 03

Just another speed painting. I wanted to be a paleontologist until in seventh grade i realized that i liked drawing more than dinosaurs. Just a little homage to my childhood, my favorite dinosaur, the T-rex.

Photoshop CS3: 1 hour
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Now this is what a T-rex looks like, by the way, how do I get photoshop CS3?
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 coming from the dinosaur art of 2016 Arvalis, I have to say..... This is adorable. omfg it's precious. it's so... feather-less and..... scaly. I love it, inaccurate design and all :')
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Your improvement from 2009 to now is incredible and such an inspiration!
Love your artwork! :heart:
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That's so crazy! I wanted to be a paleontologist until I was 13, then I realized I like drawing and art more than digging for fossils! :D
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Now your life goal seems to be paleoartist... or leman. XD
Fireballdino's avatar
Lol, no XD I actually want to write and illustrate graphic novels, strangely enough.
Traheripteryx's avatar
Sounds awesome! :D
(But like a lot of work as well X) )
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Wonderful...well done
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I love it! It has a tinge of nostalgia in it, as if the T-rex were bidding a farewell, or wishing someone dear to him (her) were near...
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Hey, if it's ok, i'm borrowing some of your arts to stick into a class assignment. :B
I'm supposed to make up a ficticious art school and add in images, and I need to pretend feature one of the students. lol

I'll link them all back to your page, but it's not getting published on the web.
It's for some lame EDIT 202 assignment.
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hey man id be all honored and shit :iconimhappyplz:
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lol k.
You're welcome and shit. :iconwalleyedplz:
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ALRIGHT!! A Tyrannosaurus!!!
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Amazing! but don't eat me please? XD
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i always favored the archeopteryx. If that counts as a dinosaur. x]
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My velociraptor will eat ur Trex! .... wait. O_<;
Lol Very cool pic, makes me wanna watch Jurassic Park now... >w<; *runs off to start rewinding the VHS tape*
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Holy crap! That is amazing! He's gonna bite my head off!
lol, great job!
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"Seize the boy! What aren't you seizing the boy?!"

"I've got a big head, and little arms..."
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Oh Yeah. T-Rex is the best, awesome painting. I'd never be able to do something like that, good job.
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aw yea!!!!same here bud!!!!Epicness!!!!
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Beautiful piece man. I too used to be a huge dinosaur-head as a child.
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