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Sobble Speedpaint

Update 5-17-19: I spent a bit more time on this to bring it up to the level of the other two. You can still see the original here: Rjpalmer Sobble 001

Sorry I'm late with this guy but I had to finish my real work before jumping in. Sobble is pretty dope, hopefully it stays a lizard through its evolution. Also I feel like no one is talking about how it can apparently turn invisible. So I thought a little nod to that would be cool.

Scorbunny Speedpaint by arvalis  Grookey Speedpaint by arvalis 

-Ninetales- by arvalis  -Eevee- by arvalis   -Kyogre- by arvalis   -Vaporeon and Ninetales- by arvalis 


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Here comes the boy hello boy

(Head pats intesifies)

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Oh god those eyes.

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Are you sure this isn't a 3D model?
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does it really look like one?

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A very detailed 3D model

He kind of stayed a lizard.

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r u ok sobble?

it is really good art tho


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He has seen some sheet
ETCviperidae's avatar

This is positively 110% cursed beyond a shadow of reasonable doubt chameleons were never meant to have eyes like that

Naturally I favorited it and watched you.

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is it possible to do this with crayola crayons?
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sobble lookin kinda freaky doe ngl

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I want to be this good xD <3 nice job
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I’m legit gonna loose my mind if I don’t find out what wobble turns into soon, apparently they’re supposed to announce it tomorrow so here’s hoping
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Look at that adorable derp face!
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God, this thing disgusts me.
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What you expected? Reality does this to anything
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The "Dve. Pikachu" movie does the realistic Pokemon too, and reptilian Pokémon don't look this bad.
Bad? It looks highly realistic and detailed.
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