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-Small Beginnings-

By arvalis
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Haven't painted one of these guys in a while. I adore the first two films and Prometheus wasn't all that bad. Let's just forget about the rest of the alien atrocities though.

Easter Egg
Find "HR Giger"

Alien 2009:

Alien 2005:

PhotoshopCS3: 15-20 hours?
Alien©20th Century Fox
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I think that this is my preferred work of your gallery!
Simply magnificent and impressive!

I like very much details (in particular at the level of the head) as well as the management of the luminosity, the contrasts ....And I love the  the subject Devilish 
Fantastic work :)!
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Even though the first two Alien films are the ones that most people agree on being the best, I like the Xenomorphs themselves equally, no matter what film/game they're from, and that's because of their designs. My top 5 for the Xenomorphs' designs goes:
1 - Aliens Xenomorph Queen
2 - Alien Xenomorph
3 - Aliens Warrior Xenomorph
4 - Alien Isolation Xenomorph
5 - Alien Vs Predator Warrior Xenomorph
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Wooow its amazing !!!
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I’d like to use your image to illustrate a non profit academic article on alien. I'd like to know if you agree with that and what licence this image has. Plesse give me an email to stay in contact with you. Thank you very much

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That would be fine so long as there is proper credit
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Great! Please tell me if I use your real name or "Arvalis"
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RJ Palmer would be fine 
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Hello! You can find the article here…

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Wow, really nice image.
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That really captures the Giger-like artwork style, I like it! ^^
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This is great.
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Nah, just let's appreciate every single xenomorph in every alien movie ;) seriously, I love them all for their design, even if some of the movies are sometimes a bit trashy^^
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Unintentionally found someone has traced your drawing?…
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Hey thanks for the heads up.  I don't really know how to report it though.
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I don't either and I don't own an account there.

What hurts is it may not be illegal..

I've posted to each of the people who commented on it that it's stolen, just trying to get awareness.  Even the pooh bear in it seems traced, pretty pathetic.
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This is just so good. I love the Alien series, liked Prometheus alright and got shivers looking at this. Great job.  :D
I've noticed a sudden jump in artistic quality from 2009-2012. Was it primarily schooling you think? You've become such a talented and professional artist! :heart:
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Loving ur artwork so for
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Biomechanical beauty.
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i still love all the films^^
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Still the best Alien fanart I've ever seen!
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