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Skillshare Class-Creature design

Take the class on how I did this for only $19

This is the creature design I completed as a demonstration for my class on Skillshare.  The class goes over how to create a creature from nothing all the way to a final piece.  The class is a series of 5 video lessons that you are free to watch at your own pace.  You can also choose to partake in the class assignments and participate with the community and myself.  Hurry and sign up now!

The dragon is a Teal-mouth Thornhawk for inquiring minds.

Creature Design Class!
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I made this following your lectures!
Zerg Defiler by Tesla91
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really nice artwork, i think you should join our Contest
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Can I write fan fiction about this? You can have 5% of the profits.
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Dragons are Native to Saharan Desert in North Africa.
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I know this is an older piece, but it is absolutely phenomenal. The amount of detail you've poured into the dragon really makes it jump to life. The color scheme is amazingly pleasing, and it all works unbelievably well. I will definitely be looking into that class. 
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You can get it now much cheaper here…
dyspepsias's avatar
Oh, thank you very much!
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Who survived to tell of it's teal mouth? (=
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Hate to be the "fun-at-parties" guy, but they probably saw a dead one..? :)
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Hah, yeah, that would work.
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Im so jelly of your skills like i am with most of the artists on devian art but i like your work
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wow the wings are really good! I like how they have a pattern, but it's still muted so it's not too distracting.
Aqua-The-Smiter's avatar
Well that guy's screwed
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Very cool. I'm on skill share too, so I'll check it out when i get home later. looks very promising.
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I would like to have one of these as a friend. Yes. I think that'd be just grand. No..didn't say pet.. D:
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How do you add textures so well? Do you use a brush? Or do you put texture images over it? 
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I usually just create a brush or find an applicable brush.
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beautiful markings
SparkyToothless2's avatar
Dragon: YUM!!!!

randompasserbyer's avatar
Oh boy.. That guy is screwed. :screwed: 
SpikeyMacksy's avatar
But the dragon just wants a kiss!
randompasserbyer's avatar
XD It looks like the feeling's NOT mutual! 
SpikeyMacksy's avatar
If a dragon was gonna give me a kiss, I'd accept it.
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