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Edit: I always saw Scyther as a very dinosaur/dragon looking critter with some bug parts. It has come to my attention that others did not see it this way, they saw him as more of bug. This is my interpretation. If you want him more insect-like, you're more than welcome to draw him that way :)

Always thought Scyther was pretty sweet. Always wished he was actually a better pokemon. This is the Scyther I always wanted. You can see the entire process recording over at My Livestream Channel

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I've always seen Scyther as a mantis/dinosaur hybrid. Heck, I even nicknamed mine Entomosaurus!

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If I was a bug type trainer, this would be one of my go-to Pokemon

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btw youre not allone with that thought, since when I was a kid I thought he looks like a mixture of praying mantis and raptor :D
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At first, I was surprised by this interpretation.
But now that I look at the actual Scyther next to this, I can really see how you see them as more of a dino with mantis mimicry. Very clever and well done.
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Now I want to see Scizor. I always like the evolution more in that it looked like an insect robot
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I prefer this version, Scyther always looked more a dinosaur rather than a true insect 
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Imagine this, it's late afternoon and you're chillin' as you walk through the grass to the next town, and then this freaking mantis-raptor just jumps out of nowhere and tries to attack you... man, I would run like hell if I see this guy
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Same, but with more screaming
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Cool But This Is Supposed To Be A Mantis
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It's not even an insect it's something like a Dimetrodon.
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Dimetrodon are not dinosaurs...
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I never said it was. I am well aware that it is a therapsid.
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Mmmm yes bug dino nice
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I've got a picture of this beast at home! It's a very impressive picture and I'm glad I've got it!
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I absolutely love your take on Syther : ) My favorite part has to be how I could imagine the feeling of the spikes on this pokemon. You really nail down realism on these pieces of art~
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It reminds me some dinosaur hybrid
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actually he is mantis
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Motherfucking Bug Raptors!
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Interesting how this interpretation of Scyther could be seen as something of an aggressive insect mimic. Lurantis is canonically exactly that in-game, so I have to wonder if, in this setting, Scyther would be taxonomically related to Lurantis or if they would be an example of convergent evolution?. Of course, I don't know if insect mimicry was your intention with this design, but I find it fun to think about. It's pretty cool how you've translated Scyther's abdomen into a gecko-like tail. I wonder if that would play a part in it's hunting method? Look Mr. Staraptor, there's a nice big juicy bug butt for you in that tall grass! Whoops, looks like you're the one on the menu!
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