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Late last year I was asked to do an illustration for the card game Dragoborne by Bushiroad International. They asked for a monster dinosaur with giant red horns on the side of the head, felt like a pretty spot on subject matter for my particular interests haha. I also enjoy how delightfully anachronistic the idea of a dinosaur chasing deer is. Watch out magic deer, he gonna get you. 

Other things I spent 30+ hours working on.

- Alien Queen - by arvalis RWBY-Nuckelavee by arvalis -Alien King- by arvalis -T. rex vs Triceratops- by arvalis Danny the Tiger Owl Griffin by arvalis 


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I love fantasy Dinosaurs!

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Reminds me of Trykosaurus from JW Alive, but more badass!!
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It's almost like it is holographic. That's amazing!
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just like i taught you nice job mboy
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btw jurasic world rocks, the dinosaurs look so real 
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Ehh the Cgi ruins it tbh
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Amazing! I hope you'll make more like this because this is just awesome looking!
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How pop-culture perceives regular Tyrannosaurus.
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Damn! Start running!
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indominus rex isn't as badass
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Did you used some 3D on this ? (no shame for that, it's just a question, I may work with 3D later too)

It's an amazing work.
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Nope, no 3d at all. I don't know how to use any 3d software yet ^^;
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Ok, well, impressive in both cases.
Dont know yet either, but I think it can be really helpful and time-saving, probably gonna learn thise someday.
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Pretty badass!!
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whaaaa? wait is this photoshop??? looks liek a 3d render oh god!!! such amazing quality of details!!!
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As awesome as always! Your art is the best!
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Really nice use of detail vs motion blur 
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woooo is so cool!!!!!! great work Nod 
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